Repository-Based Approach to Reverse Engineer
Modernize COBOL Applications

Application Browser is an analysis tool for existing COBOL applications. It gives developers the technical answers they need to make changes to even the oldest, most unstructured applications, in less time and with more confidence.

If you need to modernize, not just maintain, your COBOL application, then the COBOL Application Browser combined with Visible Analyst and Visible Developer offer a productive, low risk approach to move your applications from the mainframe to the web.
An overview of Visible's tool-assisted modernization process, which is described in the following slides, is shown in the diagram below

  • COBOL source code is analyzed by the Application Browser and key information is extracted and imported into the Visible Analyst modeling tool's repository and displayed as diagrams and repository objects.
  • Visible Analyst's multi-user repository enables an entire development team to review the legacy system analysis and develop additional data, process, and requirements models.
  • Visible Analyst is the launching point for forward-engineering the legacy application. A physical database design is automatically generated from the new logical data model. The same logical model is exported to Visible Developer for software design and code generation.