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International Certification of Software Engineers

Professional certification can be found in almost every industry in the world today. Law, construction, nursing, accountancy, engineering, software development, and association management just scratch the surface of the wide range of professions that have voluntary or mandatory certification.

Skills are Valuable... Having the right skills for the job is critical!

Continued skill development is needed to keep up with current technology. The development of skill is a continuous journey, including: education, experience, and validation. An increasing number of employers are seeking software development professionals who have obtained their certification. In this very competitive and global economy, having obtained certification status is a great a competitive advantage.

In an international environment where software is highly relevant to all facets of daily commerce, the need for qualified, skilled and competent, software professionals is greater than ever. To meet this need, Visible Systems Corporation unveils its plans for the international certification of these software engineers.

The benefits are shared across:

•  Employers required to maintain a level of competency: Standardize your software development practices and protect your investment in a competent and proficient workforce.

•  Professionals working as software engineers: Confirms your proficiency of established software development practices and demonstrates your commitment and professionalism.

•  Graduates of software engineering curriculum: Bridges the gap between your education and work requirements and verifies your understanding of fundamental software development practices.

Visible is seeking partnerships with qualified organizations and institutions.

In exchange for their commitment, these organizations and institutions will receive a site or campus license from Visible which authorizes them to offer their customers, employees or students a subscription to the certification material.

This Certification is a comprehensive, self-paced, online system that covers all the Knowledge Areas in the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) as referenced in the ISO/IEC 24773:2008(E) International Standard. The system is delivered in a web-based, H.264 compatible format and can be viewed using Adobe Flash from all browsers. An upgrade path to HTML5 is planned.

The videos are organized into 8 segments that represent the Standard Areas of Knowledge. These 8 segments would be of interest to software professionals whom desire to obtain their International Certification in Software Engineering.

Additionally, there are 3 segments that represent Hands On Areas of Knowledge. These 3 segments would be of interest to software professionals whom desire to obtain an in depth understanding of the Visible CASE toolset.

Finally, there are 2 segments that represent Specialized Areas of Knowledge. These 2 segments would be of interest to software professionals whom desire to obtain specialized knowledge in Enterprise Architecture.

There are a total of 125 hours of video instruction.

To learn more about the Visible Systems eLearning videos, contact us at

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