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Rapid Delivery Workshop for Enterprise Architecture
Module 1: Enterprise Architecture for Managers and IT
Module 2: Rapid Delivery Methods for Enterprise Architecture

Module 1: Enterprise Architecture for Managers and IT

Segment Outline:

  • Strategic Modeling for Enterprise Architecture
    • The Need for Business Transformation
    • Systems Support Needed for Rapid Business Change
    • Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Maps
    • An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
    • Zachman Framework V2.0 and Enterprise Architecture Maturity
    • Governance Analysis Using Enterprise Architecture
  • Using Strategy Analysis for Input to Strategic Modeling
    • Analyzing the Mission Statement
    • Defining Planning Statements: Policies, Goals, Objectives and KPI's; Strategies and Tactics
    • Implementing the Business Plan through Personal Scorecards
    • Business Planning Questionnaire
    • Using Strategy Analysis for IT Project Requirement Specifications
  • Developing a Strategic Model: A Facilitated Example
    • The Strategic Modeling Questionnaire
    • Basic Concepts of Developing the Strategic Model
    • ID Business Activities and Procedures
    • Business Planning Questionnaire
    • Deriving Project Plans from the Strategic Model
  • Real World Examples of Enterprise Architecture for Rapid Delivery
    • A Large Government Department
    • A Medium Regional Bank
    • A Medium Government Department
    • A Very Large Government Department

Video Duration Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes and 57 Seconds

Click on the link below to view a short explanation of the topics covered in the "Module 1: Enterprise Architecture for Managers and IT" video.

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Demonstration Video

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