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Rapid Delivery Workshop for Enterprise Architecture
Module 1: Enterprise Architecture for Managers and IT
Module 2: Rapid Delivery Methods for Enterprise Architecture

Module 2: Rapid Delivery Methods for Enterprise Architecture

Segment Outline:

  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks:
    • Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF)
    • The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
    • Dept of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF)
  • Business-Driven Data Mapping for Strategic Modeling
    • Data Modeling Conventionst
    • Identifying the Data Entity Types
    • Explaining Structure Entities
    • Review Data Attribute Types
    • Data Mapping Exercises
    • Sample Solutions for Exercises
  • Business Normalization to Identify Future Business Needs
    • An Introduction to Business Normalization
    • Normalization and the Relational Model
    • First Business Normal Form (IBNF)
    • Second Business Normal Form (2BNF)
    • Third Business Normal Form (3BNF)
    • Fourth Business Normal Form (4BNF)
    • Fifth Business Normal Form (SBNF)
    • Sample Solutions for Exercise 1-13
  • Strategic Modeling – Case Study
    • Strategic Modeling Case Study Introduction
    • Strategic Modeling Facilitated Session - Problem 2
  • Deriving Project Portfolios for Rapid EA Delivery - Case Study
    • Introduction to Derivation of Project Plans
    • Deriving Project Plans and Project Maps
    • Deriving Project Plans - Workshop Problems
    • Sample Solutions - Selected Workshop Problems
  • Activity Modeling and Activity Based Costing
    • Activity Modeling Concepts
    • Activity Based Costing Concepts
    • Cost Justification of Enterprise Architecture
  • Developing Workflow and Interface Design
    • Workflow Design from Activity Model
    • Menu and Screen Design
  • Developing Workflow, Processes and Interface Design
  • Transforming Strategic Model to Logical Data Model – Case Study
  • Sample Solutions for Tactical Modeling Problem
  • Managing and Sustaining Enterprise Architecture

Video Duration Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes and 57 Seconds

Click on the link below to view an explanation of the topics reviewed in the "Module 2: Rapid Delivery Methods for Enterprise Architecture" video.

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Demonstration Video

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