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Visible ® releases Community editions of its modeling tools.

BOSTON, MA - July 1, 2014 - Visible Systems Corporation announced today the release of a new Community edition offering for its flagship product, The Visible Analyst. Adding to the current list of editions that include The Visible Analyst Enterprise, Professional, University and Student editions; today Visible added the Community edition to uniquely address specific communities of practice. The four distinct Community editions are identified herein as:

The Visible IDEA Modeler is for a community of practitioners who quickly want to turn their ideas into a conceptual design using any symbols of their choosing.

The Visible DATA Modeler is for a community of practitioners who need to represent their data models in terms of entities, views, attributes, integrity constraints, foreign keys, triggers and entity relationships.

The Visible PROCESS Modeler is for a community of practitioners who would like to be able to look at their business activities and understand the “As Is” and “To Be” processes as a part of an overall workflow of their business activities.

The Visible OBJECT Modeler is for a community of practitioners who work with users to represent their requirements in the form of Use Cases and need to define classes and methods for what may eventually become on premise or cloud-based applications

“The advancement of Information Technology has brought with it a need for specialized skills. These specialized skills typically evolve over time and stem from a community of practitioners.” said Michael Cesino, President & CEO. “We have acknowledged for some time now that the needs of one community of practice are quite different than that of another. Today, we are pleased to release for as low as $19/month on a per subscriber basis, an edition of our flagship product that essentially offers each community the tools that apply specifically to their practice.” added Cesino.


  • Low cost of $19/month on a per subscriber basis.
  • Scalable functionality from easy-to-use “start with” models to more complex enterprise models.
  • Extensive online training modules readily available to everyone at all levels of expertise.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing across communities of practice.

If interested, please contact Sales at or Michael Cesino directly at For more information go to

About Visible Systems Corporation:

Visible Systems Corporation is a leading supplier of integrated modeling tools and solutions for enterprise applications, information management and business process re-engineering. For more than 25 years, Visible® has been dedicated to providing businesses with model-based solutions and services in conjunction with consulting, education, and support around the world. For more information on Visible®, please visit: .


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