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Enterprise Architecture Edition

Integrated requirements traceability, data architecture, activity modeling/activity-based costing, and database design.

Here is the only tool that integrates two key government standards, IDEF1X and IDEF0, in one system, eliminating the need for risky and untimely data exchange. It also provides users with an automated cost-tracking function for analyzing the cost of business activities. Another unique feature is user-defined diagrams, which enables application developers to apply their internally devised methodologies while using Visible Advantage.

Product Description

Key Features of Visible Advantage Enterprise Architecture Edition:

  • IDEF1X and IDEFO - Integration of two key government standards in one tool.
  • Activity Based Costing - Provides users with an automated cost-tracking function for analyzing the cost of business activities. Automatically cost out all activities so you can review all expenses associated with each business function within the organization.
  • User Defined Diagrams - Allows developers to apply internally devised methodologies.
  • Database Views - Ability to design database views for all major database management systems.
  • Custom Shapes - Allows users to customize existing diagramming techniques or define new techniques.
  • Capture Logical Data Models and Multiple Physical Designs - Both different in structure and DBMS, and cross-reference them in a single repository.
  • Business Planning - Enables IS professional to track their business and system requirements to their data and process models, as well as their databases and applications.
  • Powerful Multi-User - Each developer can work on a piece of the project while viewing the entire model as other developers make changes.

Additional Features in Visible Advantage include:

  • Improved Database Support - Including Informix, Ingres, Oracle 8, Datacomm DB, Titanium, Redbrick and others. Plus Native reverse engineering driver support for Oracle and Sybase.
  • Object Menus - Allows you to right click on an object and have a menu appear next to your object.
  • Global Search & Replace
  • Automatic Log-in - Streamlines your daily log-in to the same encyclopedia.
  • Standard Names Dictionary - Aids in name abbreviation and provides the ability to build a glossary.
  • Repository Extensibility - Custom fields are now supported for all model types.
  • New User Types - Both "Read Only" and "Power Users" are now supported. Power Users can add domains, functions, and diagram filters.
  • SQL and ODBC - Full support for SQL and ODBC reverse engineering.
  • Merge Replace - Updates your models to match the current database structure.
  • Check-out (copy) / Check-in (merge) - Now you can (copy) portions of the model to be copied out with the check-out objects. This allows the subset to include the objects that you want to edit, as well as the read-only objects that you need in the subset for reference purposes.
  • Import / Export - To and from Microsoft Access and VSC ASCII files is now supported.
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