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Application Browser

COBOL Reengineering and Modernization

Application Browser is a unique COBOL reengineering product. Similar products produce reports and diagrams describing the legacy application. Application Browser also extracts critical information regarding the data and process flows of COBOL legacy systems and then stores this information as a model in the repository of the Visible Analyst. This gives you the power and flexibility of a robust, multi-user repository when reverse engineering your legacy system. Multiple developers can view the same model simultaneously.

  • You can use data definitions and structures extracted from the COBOL source code as the basis for a new, relational database design.
  • You can drill through a diagram to see the application's flow of control.
  • Using Analyst's integrated process, data, and UML modeling capabilities, you can forward engineer and modernize your legacy COBOL application.

Working with existing COBOL applications can be challenging and expensive. In most cases, the original developer is long gone. If the documentation exists, it is rarely accurate or complete. According to recent figures published by IBM, programmers who work with existing applications spend 47% of their time studying an application's code before they can begin making changes. Even so, the risk of making a change, which has an unforeseen impact on the rest of the application, is estimated to be as high as 60%.

The supported versions of COBOL include:

  • VAX / VMS
  • SPERRY UNIVAC Series 1100
  • Ryan McFarland COBOL - 85
  • HP COBOL II/V (ANSI 74 and 85)
  • Honeywell HVS 6 Plus and GCOS MOD 400 DPS 6 & Level 6 GCOS 6
  • Data General COBOL (AOS/VS) (ANSI 74)
  • PDP10: TOPS-10 / TOPS-20 (74 and 8x ANSI)

Take a guided tour and see how Application Browser, Visible Analyst, and Visible Developer combine to create a powerful suite of tools for modernizing your legacy COBOL applications. - Products : Application Browser
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