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Premier Support Services Plans

Visible Systems Premier Support Services Plans for Visible Developer are monthly retainer-based plans that allocate Visible Systems personnel to client accounts for dedicated services. Under these plans customers may acquire blocks of premier support time on a monthly basis. Currently Visible Systems offers two varieties of Premier support services Premier Product Support and Premier Services Support.

Premier Product Support:

Premier Product Support (PPS) is offered in time blocks of 150 Hours (25 hours per month for six months) and encompasses the following services:

•  Problem resolution: Problem resolution service consists of development effort devoted to exclusive resolution of Visible Developer issues identified by the customer.

•  Enhancement request implementation. Enhancement request implementation service consists of development efforts devoted to the exclusive implementation of customer enhancement requests to Visible Developer.

PPS is offered at hourly rates of $100 per hour.

Premier Services Support:

Premier Services Support (PSS) is offered in time blocks of 1000 hours (approximately 167 hours per month) and offers two capability sets - Visible Developer Mentoring Services and Visible Developer General Services.

  • Visible Developer Mentoring services consists of code reviews, best practices audits, and best practices mentoring - which is discrete from training and is typically performed in one-on-one or one-on-small group sessions.
  • Visible Developer General Services includes: enhancement specification and definition, first line technical support, programming services as necessary, and enhancement testing.

PSS is offered at hourly rates of $78 per hour.

Premier Support Agreement: For more specific information on how you can customize a premier support agreement for your company please contact John Nash at

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