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Testimonials for Visible Developer

"Visible Developer is the most complete code generation tool I've ever seen. It is saving me large amounts of time which allows me to concentrate on growing my consulting business. With Visible Developer I can accomplish in three days what would have normally taken three months. Visible Developer paid for itself in the first month."

Glenn Watkins
Watkins Technology Group

"My hat's off to the development team and the support staff at Visible for their excellent progress in making round-trip design-to-code a manageable reality for our VB and MS SQL environment. Their use of code patterns and XML are a case in point; these are appropriate and formidable weapons in the battle against unmanageable complexity, undisciplined design specification, programming boredom and inadequate testing. We especially appreciate the immense help that Visible Developer provides in developing robust 3-tier applications. Visible Developer makes it possible for us to focus on application development instead of programming infrastructure development."

Carl Grant
Software Development Manager
CompuMail Inc.

“We faced a daunting task, We had 306 data tables, 766 screen panels, and 450,000 lines of code to move to a Microsoft VB and NT/SQL server environment in one year. Visible Developer 's template-like 'code patterns' allowed OPT to save its huge investment in code customizations.

“Visible Systems really listened to us. They added extra customization points and behaviors we needed to their code patterns. By enabling us to reuse our existing logic, Visible Developer saved us a re-write.”

Mike Lowery
Order Processing Technologies

“I was struggling to come up with a consistent, repeatable, and best business practice 3-tier solution for a medical information systems project. Visible Developer came along at a perfect time. Our team, which had never built a distributed, object-oriented VB application before, quickly learned the key concepts by studying the generated code. Visible Developer gave us a huge jump start on our project!”

Rich Carr
Project Manager
UMass Medical School

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