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The Razor © Return On Investment

The main reason software productivity is such a critical problem is because the demand for new software is increasing faster than our ability to supply it. Increased demand for software stems largely from pressures throughout the industry to improve commercial, industrial, and service productivity.

Each company faces similar challenges. Each leadership area must preserve its core technical capabilities in the face of significant budget and manpower reductions. To meet these challenges, we must invest wisely in our resources. Razor, through its ability to manage changes throughout the software lifecycle, represents such an investment. The return on investment in Razor is evident in the following aspects of Human Resources, Engineering, Programs, and Processes.

Investment Element: Human Resources

ROI Retain intellectual property and knowledge.
Employee Turnover Knowledge remains inside the organization.
Employee Communication More open communication through collaboration.

Investment Element: Resource Engineering

ROI Reduction in engineering and technology-related risks.
Completeness Baselines represent a completed representation of engineering work.
Consistency Requirements, specifications are cross-checked to engineering work.
Feasibility Potential High Risk items are identified, isolated, and resolved.
Testability Engineering changes are captured and tested per work order.

Investment Element: Program Management

ROI Unified change and risk management across all programs.
Planning Better understanding of project plans and direction in terms of action items.
Organizing Better understanding of project tasks and supporting roles.
Staffing Build skills in critical software configuration management practices.
Directing Motivate through open communication about project direction.
Managing Visibility of project resources in terms of people's schedules and budgets.

Investment Element: Information and Process

ROI Increased reliability in information and predictable processes.
Correctness Software is more likely to satisfy functional specifications, meet performance requirements, and interface to hardware configuration items.
Adaptability When under version control, software components can be more easily used or modified to serve other purposes such as being ported to other operating systems or system configurations.

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Telephone: (315) 363-8000

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