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Users' Testimonials for Razor

"Please pass on my highest compliments to your management. I've been a support person for over 20 years now, and never - NEVER! - have I been treated with such courtesy, dedication, follow-up, and sheer, unadulterated QUALITY of SERVICE! You embody the qualities we all strive for!"

Barbara Jaarsma
The Holland Group, California

"Your company has been far and away the best company I've had dealings with. Your prompt and accurate response to all my problems/queries has been excellent. If only all the other companies were like that, work would be so much more enjoyable."

Kent Gibson
Australian Telecommunications Research Institute
Bentley, Australia

"Some months ago I was tasked with finding candidate Software Configuration Management tools for my company. I searched the Internet and found dozens of tools. Then, after a brochure-level review of each tool I performed a first cut and reduced the list to a mere dozen. A summary of my criteria for this first cut looked like this: Issue Tracking, Software Tracking, Remote Users, Merge Tool, Diff Tool, PC Client. Then I started taking a harder look at the tools for the second cut. Five tools made the second cut, including two very prestigious tools, two well known tools, and one I had never heard of.

"In my presentation to management I provided product costs, including training costs. During my research of costs I learned that one of the prestigious tool companies generates more revenue from support and training than from tools sales. The tool isn't cheap, and it is less than half of what you will end up spending (but they don't tell you that). The other prestigious company wanted an executive sponsor, VP level, identified to be able to 'lend support if needed'. Someone to sign additional Purchase Orders, I thought.

"One company, and only one company, did not try to sell me some sort of consulting package 'to help us get started'. That company was Visible Systems. Visible was also the only company that did not try to get training on the initial Purchase Order for the tool. I was expecting them to mention it, so when they didn't I asked about it. Visible suggested that I wait until my co-workers use the tool and then see if training is needed. That was certainly a breath of fresh air.

"Visible was also the only company of the five that made their tool available for download for trial. I downloaded the tool, installed it on my company server, and began evaluating the tool. The download is a fully functional, all bells and whistles copy of the tool.

"We purchased Razor and implemented it. We have not purchased consulting, and none of the programmers have taken a single training class. We have automatic email notification of task assignments, Issue tracking, software version control, custom builds, and other features such as Issue Required For File Checkout.

"One of the strongest features for us is Issue-related Builds. A project manager wanted 'Version 3.0 with the fix for Issue so-and-so'. Our build manager was able to tell Razor to create that exact build. Neither the project manager or the build manager knew what files had changed to make the fix, but Razor did.

"Engineering management now wants to put the engineering library into Razor . We will implement that this month, complete with review cycle, sign-offs, automatic email notifications, etc."

Andy Bozman
Mariner Networks

"Yes, I'm a happy customer. We only use the Issues component of Razor . This year we used it to manage tasks that had to be completed for our laboratory to gain NAMAS accreditation (which we've just completed), but the main reason we bought it was to track the progress of medical disposable incident reports around the laboratory. SMTL are responsible for all medical disposable incident reports for the health service in Wales. The workflow-management aspect of the Issues tool in Razor has enabled us to reduce the turnaround time and enables me to see at a glance the status of any incident report.

"Service from Visible is outstanding - email queries are always answered overnight (bearing in mind the time difference) and the few problems that I've had have always been solved rapidly."

Pete Phillips
Deputy Director
Surgical Materials Testing Lab
Bridgend General Hospital

"I have been installing third-party UNIX software for ten years and can honestly say that the support I receive from your company is the best that I have ever received. Not the second or third best, but the best. Thanks!"

Randy Watson
System Administrator
Boeing Defense & Space Group

"In almost no time, Razor has streamlined both our development and issue tracking functions. We easily configured Razor to fully comply with the needs of our group and found it to be simple to administer."

Brad Segal
JP Morgan
New York, NY

"The documentation is great! I've used two competitors automated CM tools before, so in switching over I had some very specific questions as to how Razor would handle both version and build control, and problem reporting. 90% of my questions were answered from my own reading of the Razor manual. The other 10% were answered via e-mail within a couple of hours. Thorough documentation and Truly Fantastic support!"

Christine Basso
Senior Engineer
AT&T Tridom
Communications Software Group
Marietta, GA

"I would like to send my sincere thanks for your continuous support. You provide one of the best supports among our software vendors. Please keep up the good work."

Edmond Tam
Senior Engineer
Adaptec Corp.
Milpitas, CA

"The Razor Team, products and especially the outstanding support, has made Razor my Software Configuration Management tool of choice."

Miki Dekany
Configuration Manager
Communication Sytems
Martin Marietta Corporation

"The Razor tools have provided us with an economical means to implement version control, release control and issue tracking. We use it to control not only the traditional software development, but hardware design and project documentation as well.

"The GUI's are well designed, easy to use and easy to configure.

"Your customer support always supplies prompt and informative responses to my questions. They are a pleasure to deal with."

Connie Arasmith
Terayon Corp.
Santa Clara, CA

"My function as System Administrator was to ensure everyone was up and running, and understood the functionality of the tool... The ease of using Razor Issues, Versions, and Threads was apparent in the extremely short learning curve period our programmers, testers, and management required. When support was needed to add functionality to meet our needs, we received all the support required and walked us through the additions."

James Leder
Computer Sciences Corporation Technology Development Center
Integrated Systems Division

"While reviewing CM and Change Tracking tools for a large project, I quickly discovered that the market is dominated by a few expensive, overrated, and hard-to-use tools. Razor offers a fresh alternative with a simple and intuitive GUI, a command line interface, integrated change tracking system, integrated e-mail, customizable forms, promotion scheme, and a web interface, at a very fair price. It was an easy decision."

Al Menendez
Space Coast Information Systems
NASA Kennedy Space Center

"First of all, Razor has to be the easiest Unix application I've ever installed. Second, people working on my project were able to start using the problem tracking portion right away and they range from experienced developers to neophytes who have never done team software development before. Finally, I found it easy to modify features and found your sample scripts and instructions immensely helpful in setting up some internal e-mail events for notifying developers of problem resolution assignments. We used to spend hours filling out problem reports by hand, filing them, and tracking them. It now takes minutes!

"My only regret is that I didn't start using Razor earlier. The version control and thread management would be really helpful now as we enter the final weeks of this project. You can bet I will use the full set of Razor features on the next job.

"Thanks again for your attention, responsiveness, and your fine product."

Mike Oakes
TASC, Inc.
Reston, VA

"I have been exposed to several other products that say they do what Razor does. Razor is the best product and at the best price. I have recommended it to others."

Hollis Tubbs
Software Engineer

"The support we have received from Visible Systems has been outstanding! Razor has lived up to its billing and more!"

Don Ely
McDonnell Douglas
Kennedy Space Center

"It is the most customizable database/SCM package I have ever used."

Rob Bachrach
AMP Incorporated

"You guys did a great job. We like it a lot. We have been using it for about a year now and things are working great for us."

Abed M. Hammoud
IntellX L.L.C.

Milimax Web Solutions
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