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Information Technology Training: Operational Modeling Workshop (5 Days)

Purpose - The Operational Modeling Workshop is used to train participants in operational modeling techniques, allowing them to complete the development of the operational modeling phase of the project. During the course of the workshop, the project team will begin to build the operational model for the project.

Preparation - In preparation for the Operational Modeling Workshop the client organization needs to have a stable tactical model(s), and a tactical level business plan. The client must also prepare an operational level business plan or fill out the Visible Management Questionnaire and review it with the Visible facilitators. Personnel for the operational level of the project must be selected and prepared.

Activities - During the course of the workshop, the facilitator will review the operational business planning procedures, teach rule modeling techniques, and work with participants to conduct a current systems analysis, and review domain identification procedures. Initial operational modeling will be accomplished at the direction of the Visible facilitator.

Products - The result of the Operational Modeling Workshop will be the initial skills transfer to project team members to enable client personnel to build out the operational level model. In addition, during the workshop initial operational model component parts will be developed as building blocks for the selected functional area. At the conclusion of the Operational Modeling Workshop a project plan will be developed to complete this phase of the project.

Participants - Participants in the Operational Modeling Workshop should include tactical level functional area representatives and at least one operational level manager, systems users, the full project team and systems analysis. As a prerequisite for participating in the Operational Modeling Workshop, client personnel should have participated in a tactical level workshop or the basic data modeling workshop.

Scope - Normally: One operational level, functional area of the business. Optional: Multiple operational areas or projects determined by Senior Management.

Note: Course material may be subject to modification, based on the needs, capabilities, and interests of the students. - Services | Training - Information Technology Training: Operational Modeling Workshop
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