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Information Technology Training: Systems Development Project Management Workshop (5 Days)

Purpose - The Systems Development Project Management Workshop is designed to help companies obtain more knowledge about project management and the application of that knowledge to their particular project requirements. In addition, Visible facilitators will provide instruction on alternative Systems Development Life Cycle methods and several Project Management techniques.

Preparation - In preparation for the Project Management Workshop, previous client Project Management Plans (if applicable) should be reviewed, a project analysis completed, and Visible's Project Management Questionnaire filled out and reviewed in detail by Visible facilitators. In addition, Visible facilitators may need to conduct detailed interviews with appropriate senior management.

Activities - The Project Management Workshop will carefully review on-going projects of the organization as well as develop a detailed project analysis for the organization. Key project management strategies will be identified, examined, refined, and integrated into the organization's current practices. The techniques used include an appraisal of each project in terms of life cycle requirements, associated risks, schedules, estimation, control, and project recovery practices.

Product - The products developed during this Project Management Workshop will include a series of project templates for the organization to use in future projects. Additionally, a comprehensive understanding of where, when and how to apply these templates to future projects - resulting in a dramatic improvement in the organization's ability to manage projects.

Participants - Project Managers and Information Systems Developers.

Scope - The scope of the Project Management Workshop will cover all of the following topical areas; Project Assessment, Project Development Life Cycle, Project Management Templates, Best Practices, Requirements Definition, Project Planning, management and completion. By the end of the workshop, organizations will know how to apply each technique covered throughout the workshop.

Note: Course material may be subject to modification, based on the needs, capabilities, and interests of the students. - Services | Training - Systems Development Project Management Workshop
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