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Visible Tool Training: Visible Analyst

Purpose - This introductory workshop provides participants with hands-on experience using Visible Analyst, our integrated application modeling and development tool set. The workshop includes an overview of the concepts and techniques of Enterprise Engineering along with practical exercises that allow participants to use every one of the powerful Visible Analyst tools. Participants will become familiar with business analysis, data modeling, process modeling, object modeling, system design, and system implementation capabilities of Visible Analyst.

Preparation - No previous experience using CASE or other application development and modeling tools is required. Full life cycle software engineering skills are mandatory.

Participants - This workshop is open to anyone interested in using Visible Analyst effectively.

Participants will learn how Visible Analyst supports:
Quality Rapid Application Development
Software Object Development and Management
Commercial Product and Service Evaluation and Integration
Multiple Projects from a Single Repository

Participants will use Visible Analyst to automate:
Business Analysis
Data Modeling
Process Modeling
System Design
System Implementation in Various Environments
Quality Assurance
Reverse and Reengineering

Course Outline

General Tool Usage:
Creating projects
Creating simple, unstructured diagrams
Using flexible drawing capabilities

Business Analysis:
Analyzing business and system requirements
Creating Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) to document business requirements

Data Modeling:
Creating Entity-Relationship diagrams (ERD)
Documenting key structures
Generating ERD's from DFDs

Quality Assurance:
Normalizing the data model
Synchronizing Keys

Process Modeling:
Creating structure charts
Creating state-transition diagrams

Object Modeling:
Creating class diagrams
Creating use cases

System Design:
Documenting physical characteristics
De-normalizing for performance

System Implementation:
Generating SQL for multiple RDBMS dialects
Generating Code
Generating for PowerBuilder and Visual Basic

Note: Course material may be subject to modification, based on the needs, capabilities, and interests of the students. - Services | Training - Visible Tool Training: Visible Analyst
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