Enterprise DATA DISCOVERY Edition



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Enterprise DATA DISCOVERY Edition


We have devised a simple and fresh approach for you to understand change and see what it means to your business. When you subscribe to our Enterprise Data Discovery edition, you get a built-in business data query facility designed to help you make business decisions and better understand your operational activities. By bringing together three key elements, we can help you see a business-driven outcome for every decision you will make about your business.


These three key elements are:


- A representation of your business in terms of planning statements that includes its goals, objectives and strategy; whether that be for the entire business or for one or more functional areas of the business.


- A strategy map that shows you the relationships between your planning statements and the meta data that is stored inside your enterprise applications such as your ERP, CRM, and others.


- A Self Service Data Discovery framework that enables you to connect to disparate and distributed data sources, formulate queries from your planning statements and conceptual models, retrieve and analyze the data to gain actionable insights on how to reshape your business.


By harmonizing disparate data sources, get a "pulse" on what is going on both inside and beyond/outside your organization.


Ready to view a demo?


Self Service Data Discovery


In this brief video, get a glimpse of Visible's new Self Service Data Discovery module. Designed for you - the casual, non-technical business user, see how easily you can formulate queries using a simple conceptual model of your business. In a single query you can retrieve data from different data sources and across several geographic areas and be able to get the results back in seconds. Let's call it "Just in Time Information" (JITI) for making your next business decision.



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