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The Instructor Edition implements the Assignments feature from the University Edition in a single user stand-alone edition.


Instructors register with the Visible Systems Cloud server, (a free service) and define their courses and student assignments.


Using the updated Student Edition, students register for the course, perform the assignments in their copy of the Student Edition, and then submit the results.


The instructor accesses the submitted results allowing them to review the models and repository entries, then grade and comments on the submitted work.


Students can then review the grade and comments for the assignment and access any new assignments.


All assignment actions are seamlessly integrated into these new Visible Analyst editions and implemented via the Internet with no additional software involved.


The perfect solution for your students to submit their assignments remotely and for you to review and grade their assignments from anywhere!


Instructors should send an e-mail to including your Name, Title, School's Address and Phone number for a FREE copy of the Visible Analyst Instructors Edition.


Download the Instructor's Documentation here.


Click here to view a demonstration video of the Assignments feature as implemented in the Instructor and University editions.


Supplemental Publisher Educational Materials


In conjunction with Pearson Publishing, students can use the following link to download the CPU Project information. This file contains a Visible Analyst backup file set of the CPU project, an MS Access Database, Visio diagram files and exercises. This material is referenced in the Textbook "Systems Analysis and Design" 7/E by Kendell and Kendall.


In conjunction with John Wiley & Sons publishing, students can use the following link to download the project lessons developed by Prof. Robert M. Roth. This file contains a business scenario and lesson exercises. Each exercise prompts the students to create a new project and then add diagrams and repository entries. This material is referenced in the Textbook "Systems Analysis and Design" by Dennis, Wixom and Roth.


  • Unlimited Projects
  • Textbook Cross References
  • Accreditation Opportunities
  • Class-to-Work Sponsorship
   Support includes...
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Textbook Cross References
  • Consulting/Freelance Opportunities


Email with your Name, School, and Course You Are Teaching for your free copy!



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