Enterprise TEAM Edition



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Enterprise TEAM Edition
$249/month | for 1 year | Includes up to a 7 Multi-User License.


With the Enterprise TEAM edition, you, as the project or program manager can manage your team of analyst, designers and data administrators. They will be able to work together to develop and collaborate across enterprise modeling projects. Using the TEAM edition, you are able to define Assignments for a given project on your internal network or on a secured Cloud Server here at Visible. Once an assignment is defined, your analyst, designers and administrators are able to access Assignments, work on Assignments and submit their work on the Assignments back to you for you to review. Included is feature that allows you to create issues for a particular set of Assignments and track tasks against each issue until resolution. Additionally, SCRUM "style" processes can be used for agile development type of projects. All modeling capabilities are integrated in the TEAM edition with one consistent interface for all TEAM members. The number of projects and the scale of projects is unlimited. Include support for enterprise frameworks (i.e., Zachman, TOGAF, DODAF).



Unlimited projects


   Support includes...
  • Unlimited Support by Email or Phone
  • "How to" videos
  • Tutorial Guide
User Roles for this Edition:
All users roles supported for team-based development




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