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Concepts 19

This newsletter / info-pack is generated by Tower Concepts, Inc., and is provided to our users and specific members of the net community. Concepts is generated and distributed every few weeks as necessary. Please send comments to


Razor and IssueWeaver Manuals

Nicely synchronized with the above software release, we also have a fresh set of manuals for both Razor and IssueWeaver. These manuals are available in a variety of formats. You can pull postscript copies down to your UNIX system (for sending to a printer), and you can also pull an HTML collection to either your UNIX or PC (for online viewing with a web browser!).

A full discussion of all of this can be found here.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Call for ASCII Art

... As many of you may already know, each year Tower puts up a special set of holiday web pages between Thanksgiving and New Year's. We try to offer bits of humor, trivia, puzzles, and sound clips, simply for the sake of entertainment and diversion.

This year we'd like to put a page together that allows download of simple ASCII art: those funny pictures that people 'draw' with their keyboard, often for inclusion in sig lines. If you have a sample that you'd like to include, please send it as an e-mail message to

Not only will your contribution benefit the masses, but we'll be giving a free coffee mug to the 5 'best' entries. In order to be considered, we must receive your entry by November 15th.

A Problem Tracking System with Integrated Configuration Management

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