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This newsletter / info-pack is generated by Tower Concepts, Inc., and is provided to our users and specific members of the net community. Concepts is generated and distributed every few weeks as necessary. Please send comments to


Holiday Diversions '97

We did this last year, and it proved to be extremely popular, so we've opted to give it another round. As time allows in the next couple of weeks.

It's a friendly collection of silly jokes, articles, and puzzles that you find getting passed around the office and e-mail circles. This is a commercial free couple of pages of time-wasters for your enjoyment.

We've had a wonderfully successful year here at Tower Concepts (a move to expanded office space, some very significant contract wins, increased staffing, etc), and this is just a simple way of saying thanks. We wish you all the very best.

Atomic time

If you're going to be celebrating on New Year's Eve, you should make sure your clock's set right. You can do so via the web, at...

... or by a simple phone call to ...


On the latter, you'll hear a series of squawks and squeals, occasionally interupted by a 'human' voice calling out the time (as measured by the main United States Atomic Clock). Enjoy.

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