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Concepts 22

February 16, 1998

This newsletter / info-pack is generated by Tower Concepts, Inc., and is provided to our users and specific members of the net community. Concepts is generated and distributed every few weeks as necessary. Please send comments to


New web pages

Since you already receive the Concepts Newsletter, it's quite likely that you've also visited our web site. Even so, we'd encourage you to give it a fresh look at...

We've given it a bit of an overhaul. There's a different overall format, a re-organization of some of the original data, and the addition of some new information. In particular, you may want to look over the stuff we've added for IssueWeaver.

As always, we look to our user community for feedback. If you find anything amiss on the pages, or have suggestions on what else you'd like us to put up there, just let us know.

Sun patch alert

We've heard of a problem that may occur on some installations running Solaris 2.5.1, and have learned that Sun recommends applying the following Motif library patch...


It corrects problems in the Motif library, which in turn affects our dynamically linked release of Razor. Please let us know if you need more information.

SW Development Tools Industry Profile...

Joe Kurian is a Razor user at Lockheed Martin Federal Systems, in Gaithersburg. While attending classes at the University of Maryland, he co-wrote a paper titled "Software Development Tools Industry Profile", wherein he analyzes the development practices of small versus large development houses. Being familiar with Tower, he chose to analyze us. He writes...

"... less bureaucratic companies are better positioned to react to this fast-growing industry [...] Tower is developing Razor, with the idea of continuously improving the product, such as in a "Spiral Development" approach. For this reason, there is no final step in the lifecycle for the product per se, but even improved incremental versions of the product. This way, they can release the most updated versions of Razor as it is continuously updated for their customers."

We could not have said it better ourselves. You can view his full paper on-line, at...

Viewing the MIR Space Station...

Did you know that if you look in the right place, at the right time, you can actually see the MIR Space Station fly overhead with the unaided eye! This is too cool not to tell people about. NASA updates the viewing data on a weekly basis for over 2,600 cities worldwide. Check...

Hurry, while supplies last. :-)

Free translations on the web

And finally, here's a web page we heard about on National Public Radio. It provides a FREE translation of text from English in and out of German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish. You can even feed it a URL, and it will automatically translate the web site you point it to. Try it on one of ours and see what happens.

Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like a banana.
Il tempo vola come il vento. Mosche di frutta come una banana.
Le temps vole comme le vent. Mouches fruit comme une banane
El tiempo vuela como el viento. Moscas de fruta como un pl?tano.
O tempo voa como o vento. Moscas de fruta como uma banana.
Zeit fliegt wie der Wind. Fruchtfliegen wie eine Banane.


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