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Concepts 31

March 8, 1999

This newsletter / info-pack is generated by Tower Concepts, and is provided to our users and specific members of the net community. Concepts is generated and distributed every few weeks as necessary. Please send comments to


Sneak peek at Razor 4.1e

We are putting the finishing touches on our next release of Razor, version 4.1e. As with all of our previous releases, 4.1e includes some major functionality improvements as well as responses to you, the customer. We listen and we respond. Most notable in 4.1e will be the introduction of an NT-based server. This will be a significant move for Razor and we at Tower are excited about bringing our capability to the NT platform. The target release date for 4.1e is the end of March. We'll keep you posted via our Web site and in the next Concepts Newsletter. Here are some other highlights:

  • IssueWeaver style configuration tool
  • Replacement of user account requirement for remote clients with Razor configurable user accounts
  • New "file:" tag for X_OF_MANY and ONE_OF_MANY Attributes definitions
  • Remote client communication enhancements
  • Command line enhancements for license and user administration
  • Threads enhancement in dealing with trunks and branches
  • Miscellaneous problem fixes

Spring Cleaning, er uh Training

Well, you managed to make it through the winter. We are aware that some people like to go into winter hybernation, so venturing to the frozen north in February (date of our last training course) was the furthest thing from your minds. Well, we conducted another successful 4-day End User and Administrator training course at the local Turning Stone Casino and Resort.

The Spring training session is nearly full. Don't get shut out again, get registered! Visit our Web site for details on the course, including content, cost, and accommodations (

Tower will be rolling out our first Process Course this spring as well. We are very excited to offer this excellent compliment to our existing training line-up. This four-day course goes beyond End User and Administration course, concentrating on CM practices. A survey of some industry-wide standards will be presented followed by details on how to implement these with Razor (you would expect nothing less :-). Standards, practices, metrics, reviews, reports, etc are on the bill-o-fare. Don't be reading the reviews come June, be there...


When they asked for volunteers for a new Concepts Newsletter author, I forgot to take a step backward ;-) My name is George Brown, and I will try to uphold the excellent tradition of informative and fun Concepts Newsletters you've come to expect.

As with my predecessors, I also appreciate a good joke or a well formed puzzle so here are a couple to chew on.

Here goes:

To the fair...

"On my way to the fair, I met seven jugglers and a bear. Every juggler had three cats, Every cat had three rats, Every rat had two mice, All the mice had nine lice, Lice, mice, rats, and cats Seven jugglers and a bear, How many in all were going to the fair?"

Which switch is which?

Professor Quantum had purchased an old Scotish castle that was in desperate need of repair. One of the first priorities was to have the tunnel leading to the wine cellar wired. Luigi, the electrician, had just finished the basement wiring but had failed to label which of the three switches belonged to the wine cellar. Quantum had a small flashlight that would enable him to find the wine room, however, he didn't like the thought of returning for an after dinner port armed with only a small light. Knowing he would be back, Quantum wanted to be certain he could correctly label which switch belonged to the wine room with only one trip. How could he manage?
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