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Concepts 39

January 10, 2000

This newsletter / info-pack is generated by Tower Concepts, and is provided to our users and specific members of the net community. Concepts is generated and distributed every few weeks as necessary. Please send comments to


Razor Promo 2000

For the months of January & February any new or current customer who purchases 10 licenses of Razor will have the following options:

  1. 2 FREE days of On-Site Training with purchase of 3 days! - (Valued at $3,990)
  2. 5 additional licenses of Razor for FREE! - (Valued at $3,595) You receive a total of 15 licenses of Razor and 1 year of service for only $473 per license!
  3. IssueWeaver for FREE! - (Valued at $3,475) Razor's web based interface to the problem tracking database.
  4. Certificate to attend our 2 week training session in NY - (Valued at $3,395) (With purchase of 1 training session)
  5. 2 FREE days of On-Site Consulting with purchase of 3 days! (Valued at $3,000)

If you were busy with end-of-the-year commitments and didn't have time to think about anything else, you are in luck. Here is your chance to capitalize on some great Razor pricing.

** To take advantage of this offer **

  1. Reference the Razor Promo 2000 when ordering and select one of the above options.
  2. We must receive payment or a faxed copy of PO by 2/29/00.

This offer may not be used with any other discounts from the published price guide.

Platform update

Tower will be changing the minimum supported OS for Digital Unix (now called Tru64) from 3.x to 4.0e and for IBM AIX from 3.x to 4.3.3. These changes are necesitated by Y2K and vendor support for the older version of the operating systems.

If you have any questions on this change, feel free to contact us.

Technical Q/A's

Here are a couple of WindowsNT related Q/A's from our support team that might prove helpful:

  • Q: How can I remove erroneous database references displayed on the PC client login panel via the "Universe Dir:" dropdown menu?
  • A: You can remove any and all of the database references by simply editing the razor.ini file. This file is typically found in the "WINNT" (NT) or "Windows" (95/98) directory.
  • Q: I've created a test database to test the RazorNT installation and it is no longer useful. How can I remove it from the NT Services panel?
  • A: Simply type the following in the Razor csh:
      service list - this tells you what Razor services you have on your system.
      service remove <service name> - where <service name> is the DB that you want to remove.

    Example: service remove RazorDB_TestDB

Top 10 Things Overheard at Tower on 1 January

Here is a humorous self-inflicted look at Tower Concepts' passing into the new century. 10. Can I open my eyes now?

9. What am I going to do with all of this canned food and bottled water I've been stocking up over the last 6 months?

8. Does this mean that we can finally drop support for the Commadore 64? BTW, the 64 doesn't mean 64-bit addressing does it?

7. ...muffled voices... I knew it was going to work all along!

6. You said support could leave at midnight, but you didn't say midnight *Hawaii time*!

5. Does this mean we can't blame problems on Y2K any more?

4. Geez, how many Y2K-related operating system patches can there be anyway? Arrrrrrrrgh!!!!

3. [Support staff] Rats, the phones and e-mail still work :-(

2. Now is this the start of the new millenium or is it next year?

1. January 1st, 2037 is still going to be interesting. But [hee hee] everyone reading this will be retired by then


This month's puzzler...

The search for the infamous Northwest Passage had proved most elusive. It wasn't until 1906 that Roald Amundsen followed the Canadian coast to Cape Nome, Alaska, that an official passage was finally declared. Ironically, however, the first ship to actually traverse the Northwest Passage was the Octavius nearly 150 years earlier. In 1762, the Octavius was frozen in, north of Alaska, and was forced to wait out the winter. Thirteen years later, in 1775, she and her crew were hailed off the coast of Greenland. Since the Octavius was more than 100 years ahead of Amundsen, why weren't they credited with this famous discovery?

Answer to the above puzzle can be found here.

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