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The Visible Edge 02

September 15, 2000

This newsletter / info-pack is generated by Visible Systems, and is provided to our users and specific members of the net community. TheEdiges is generated and distributed every few weeks as necessary. Please send comments to


Visible Plans Release of Razor Version 4.2

The newest version of Razor, Version 4.2, now under beta testing at several sites, is due to be released early in the 4 th quarter of 2000.

This new release has several outstanding new features including:

  • A Report Generator which creates and runs customized HTML reports, pie charts and bar charts.
  • A Razor Admin Tool for NT server enhanced to support complete configuration of Razor.
  • Support for send mail for the NT server product.
  • RazorSCC which is an interface between Razor and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Applications provide direct access to the Razor databases for Razor file control features [IDE must support Microsoft's Source Code Control (SCC) APIs].

Autumn Training

Visible Systems will be offering our Razor End User/Administrative Training Class on Oct 17 th - Oct 20 th and our Implementing A Process course on Oct 23 rd - Oct 26 th at the Turning Stone Casino and Resort located in Vernon, NY.

We have already started accepting registrations for the Fall class...don't get shut out...get registered! Visit our Web site for details on the course; including content, cost, and accommodations.

Email for your registration form today !

In 2001 Visible Systems will be offering training classes on the following dates:

Jan. 30 th - Feb 2 nd Razor End User/Administrative

Feb. 5 th - Feb 8 th Implementing a Process with Razor

July 31 st - Aug 3 rd Razor End User/Administrative

Aug. 6 th - Aug 9 th Implementing a Process with Razor

Oct. 16 th - Oct. 19 th Razor End User/Administrative

Oct. 22 nd - Oct. 25 th Implementing a Process with Razor

Letter From the Marketing Department

If you have been looking for us we have a new URL. It is .

Please pass this along. Visible Systems has purchased Tower Concepts and the old URL is now owned by Tower Records.

We would like to be on your approved vendor list, could you send us leads to the appropriate individuals we need to contact? Let me know what we can do to become more widely used at your site. My e-mail is:

If you come in contact with the news group: please let your fellow engineers know how you are doing with Razor!

What is your wish list for Version 5.0? Lets be reasonable here....

Thank you for your time,

Kurt Gradel, Director of Marketing

PS: Tell your friends about Razor! They may be stuck with a tool they don't like!


NASA is in its third year of a five-year rewrite of the space shuttle launch sequence program. 300 engineers are using over 100,000 files on a daily basis. Razor Configuration Management software does stand the test of time, durability, and high quantity application!

We are now doing business through ARIBA for our Litton customers!

LMCO has renewed again for another 2 years!

Know Your Forward Slash and Your Back Slash

Razor is slash specific! When inputting the database you wish to connect to, some of our DOS friendly customers have used the back slash to input the location of the database. Razor, however, uses the forward slash (one for the Unix team).


This month's puzzler...

A man fires a bullet from a gun and another man catches the bullet with his bare hands. The bullet does not touch anything (except air, of course) from the gun to the hand. The second man is uninjured. How does he do it?

How could he do this?

Answer to the above puzzle can be found here.

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