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The Visible Edge 05

March 5, 2001

This newsletter / info-pack is generated by Visible Systems, and is provided to our users and specific members of the net community. TheEdge is generated and distributed every few weeks as necessary. Please send comments to


New Razor Release Coming in March!

A new release of Razor (the version number is currently TBD because we're working on a new, improved approach) is planned for March. This release incorporates changes to last Fall's major v4.2 release. Notable among the changes are:

--- Extension of Razor password length to 16 characters. This will give Razor users more flexibility and security by providing up to 16 characters for passwords.

--- Correction of the Versions uncheckin function via command line. The command 'razor -c un_co -f -g ' was not working properly in v4.2 and is now fixed.

--- Correction of the Versions Attributes Edit. In v4.2, editing a Versions Attribute could produce an abnormal Razor exit. This has been corrected.

--- Support for NT/2000 servers with multiple interface cards. Razor will now search up to 60 interface cards looking for a non-zero MAC address. In v4.2, if a user has multiple interface cards and the first one returns a zero value, Razor is not able to produce the correct license information.

Razor Training

Visible Systems will be offering our Razor End User/Administrative Training Class on March 20th - March 23rd at the Turning Stone Casino and Resort located in Vernon NY.

We have already started accepting registrations for the Fall class... don't get shut out...get registered! Visit our Web site for details on the course; including content, cost, and accommodations .

Email for your registration form today !

In 2001 Visible Systems will be offering training classes on the following dates:

Here are the confirmed dates for the Year 2001 training classes:

July 31st - Aug 3rd Razor End User/Administrative

Aug. 6th - Aug 9th Implementing a Process with Razor

Oct. 16th - Oct. 19th Razor End User/Administrative

Oct. 22nd - Oct. 25th Implementing a Process with Razor

Razor Promo Options

If you were busy with end-of-the-year commitments and didn't have time to think about anything else, you are in luck. Here is your chance to capitalize on some great Razor pricing when you purchase 10 or more licenses of Razor.

** To take advantage of one of these options **

A. 2 Additional licenses of Razor for FREE !

B. $1,200.00 off the price of IssueWeaver

C. Purchase one training session and receive 50% off the second one.

1. Reference the Razor Promo 2000 when ordering and select one of the above options.

2. We must receive payment or a faxed copy of a PO by 3/31/2001.

This offer may not be used with any other discounts from the published price guide.

Technical Tips

Razor SCC

Razor SCC is an exciting option that first became available for PC users with the introduction of Razor 4.2. RazorSCC runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and incorporates a variety of software development tools within one program (an editor, compiler, linker, debugger, etc.).

To successfully install RazorSCC, you must already have an API in place.

Razor 4.2 supports version 1.1 of the SCC API and fully integrates with the Visual Studio suite.

How to Delete a Folder Within a Folder

razor -c rm_folder -f folder1/folder2 -g

How to "Rename" a Thread

While there is no "rename" option per se, you can duplicate the thread and give it a new name. After the duplication has been made, you can delete the old thread or use it as a backup. Here's the command for duplication:

# razor -c dup -f <name> -g <group> -n <new name> -t <title> / [-i <issue[:<issue group>]>]


This month's puzzler...

For each of the following equations, letters have been substituted for the numbers. This substitution is consistent throughout all 4 of the equations. Determine what number (from 0-9) is represented by each of the 10 letters





Answer to the above puzzle can be found here.


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