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The Visible Edge 08

The Edge - October 2001
Razor 4.3 Is Now Available

Download it now from our website .

This version incorporates the following changes:

  • the ability to attach exit scripts to Issues, Versions, and Threads
  • fixed the ability to filter on current state
  • improved cleanup of 'tmp' files when the Razor server is brought down
  • improved installation of Linux database groups using RCS
  • elimination of the possibility of two Razor servers running simultaneously
  • enhanced recognition of files containing extended ASCII characters as text files in Versions using autodetect
  • Windows users can now administer Razor without being the Administrator on the local system
  • improved SCC interface with Visual Age, Visual Studio, Powerbuilder
  • SCC now allows users to choose directory structure
  • during installation Razor may now optionally be set as the default SCC Provider

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Razor Training

Visible Systems will be offering our Razor End User / Administrative Training Class on January 29th - February 1st and our Implementing a Process Course on February 4th - February 7th at the Vernon Country Suites located in Vernon, NY.

We have already started accepting registrations for the Winter class... don't get shut out...get registered! Visit our Web site for details on the course; including content, cost, and ccommodations.

E-mail for your registration form today!

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New Online FAQs

Check out our on-line FAQs sometime. There is a lot of good information and it has a PC installation routine for your PC users to follow.

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Tech Tips


It should be a common occurence for Razor users to backup their repositories on a routine basis. There are lots of neat utilities available for backups but one of the most commonly used is the tar utility.

Here's a quick glance at another tar utility that you may find helpful:

Using GNU's tar package instead of UNIX's tar utility has a very real benefit to Razor.

GNU tar can handle names of virtually unlimited length, but the catch is that anything beyond 256 characters causes it to use an extension of the Tar format which is incompatible with other implementations of Tar. So, if you have GNU Tar on one end, you should also use it on the other end.

You can download GNU's freeware from their site at


OS generic requirements:

  • Log onto the computer with a user id and password.
  • Either SCCS or RCS must be available on the machine which will run the Razor database server.
  • If you opt to use RCS as the archival engine, it must be release 5 or better. We recommend version 5.7.
  • You also need the proper version of X11. If you are on a Sun using SunOS 4.1.x, you need at least X11R4. All other platforms need X11R5 or better.
  • To view reports, specifically HTML, pie/bar charts, Razor requires a Java-capable browser. For Netscape, this means at least version 4.5. For Internet Explorer, Razor minimally requires version 5.

For UNIX users:

We recommend creating a dedicated Razor administration account. This will become the central location for all Razor distributions and it is a great way to start organizing like a real CM pro.

For RazorNT users:

To run RazorNT Server you need the following:

  • Networked Windows NT 4.0 Workstation with Service Pack 4 or greater. We like to see at least SP6.
  • You must install as Administrator with Administrative privileges.
  • NTFS disk partition with enough free disk space for installation.
  • NTFS disk partition(s) with enough free space to create and maintain the desired Razor databases.

Note: Installation, as well as all of the administration of RazorNT Server, must be done via the Administrator account.

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