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The Visible Edge 15

The Edge - March 2003
Razor 4.3c is Available

The major features in this interim release include the following:

  • Razor SCC now integrates with Visual Studio .Net.
  • Razor/MetricCenter API gathers metrics for Issues in addition to Versions.
  • Razor servers now honor more than one IP address.
  • Razor is now supported on Windows XP, server and client.

Additional enhancements include:

  • The Razor password file now implements tighter security measures through a
    stronger encryption algorithm, a new method of password aging, and the
    ability to lock a user's account.
  • The option to display only the files associated with a thread.
  • The ability to promote more than one file at a time.
  • New environment variables allow multihomed Razor License Managers and Databases to dictate the order of IP addresses used by Razor clients to
    establish connections.
  • The addition of an AUDIT entry has been added to the Razor History file.
  • Created an Access_list file at the License Manager level.
  • When branching a file, expand keywords now works via the command line.

The bug fixes include:

  • Created an Access_list file at the License Manager level.
  • Corrected a problem in which Razor was not handling WSAWouldBlock.
  • Enlarged the backlog parameter to prevent sporadic failures.
  • Fixed incorrect titles on DBs upon database/group changes.
  • Updating of report filters when renaming or removing attributes.
  • The rz_add_issues_group script now works on Linux 7.0.
  • Fixed the reporting tool's “related issues” filter option.
  • Updated the method in which tmp files are deleted.
  • Corrected the UNIX install script so current symbolic link will not be deleted.
  • Prompt the user for a new password for the Windows License Manager service.
  • Corrected the extra “^I” strings in email notifications.
  • Fixed validation errors on the time stamp field.
  • Prevent server process from exiting when unable to open/append the error log.
  • Corrected bogus history file entries caused by IssueWeaver.
  • Upated the rz_vcs.rcs script to include the -zLT option.
  • Fixed various problems between Razor SCC and Rational Rose.
  • Repaired opening of Visual Studio project through Razor SCC.
  • Fixed a problem with case-sensitive file comparison between Razor and Razor SCC.

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Razor Sales Promo


We are offering you the opportunity to renew your Razor upgrade/maintenance
contract without penalty!

Renew your contract by March 31, 2003 and we will waive any back charges. You
only pay the yearly renewal fee of $135 per license.

Renewing your contract agreement entitles you to our latest release. In
addition to all the enhancements, renewing your maintenance contract allows
you to receive unlimited phone and e-mail support.

**This offer may NOT be used with any other discounts and is not valid on previous purchases.

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Razor Training

Visible Systems will be offering our Razor End User/Administrative Training Class on April 29th - May 2nd and our Implementing a Process Course on on May 5th - May 8th at the Vernon Country Suites located in Vernon, NY.

We have already started accepting registrations for the Spring class... don't get shut out...get registered! Visit our Web site for details on the course; including content, cost, and ccommodations.

E-mail for your registration form today!

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Tech Tip

Software Version Document

Razor provides a great number of example scripts that many users find helpful.
One of the most interesting scripts is $RAZOR_HOME/examples/create_version_doc.

Usage: create_version_doc -f <name> -g <group> -v <version>

The script will generate a Software Version Document (SVD) formatted in HTML
for a specified project or thread. Depending upon how you use the script and
the thread you choose, features available in the document include:

Referenced Documents
Version Description
Inventory of Materials Released
Inventory of Software Contents
Changes Installed
Adaptation Data
Related Documents
Installation Instructions
Possible Problems and Known Errors

This script will output its results to the $HOME/Razor_reports directory as well
as communicate directly with the user's Netscape browser and display the results
if it is running.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here is a little word puzzle to test your Irishness.

Match the twelve definitions below to the vocabulary
words on the right.

a. Patron Saint of Ireland

1._____ donnybrook

b. type of humorous poem

2._____ boycott

c. formidable club or stick

3._____ smithereens

d. small elf of Irish folklore

4._____ tanistry

e. misleading nonsense

5._____ banshee

f. dark, sweet ale

6._____ brogue

g. strong dialectical accent

7._____ stout

h. hearty meal

8._____ blarney

i. law of royal succession

9._____ leprechaun

j. fragments; bits

10._____ shillelagh

k. to refuse to deal with

11._____ limerick

l. classic knockdown brawl

12._____ Saint Patrick

m. national symbol of Ireland

13._____ shamrock

n. female spirit who wails

14._____ stew

Answer to the above puzzle can be found here.

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