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The Visble Edge - March 2004






Razor Promotional Special


As we begin the new year we are offering you the opportunity to renew your Razor upgrade/maintenance contract without penalty! Renew your contract by March 31, 2004 and we will waive any back charges. You only pay the yearly renewal fee of $135 per license.

Renewing your contract agreement entitles you to our latest release, Razor v4.3e, which includes such enhancements as support for the 2.4.x kernel of Linux, ability to attach, view, remove and export file attachments to Issues, added scripts to the examples directory for parent/child relationships, and more! In addition to all the enhancements, renewing your maintenance contract allows unlimited phone and e-mail support.

Renewal is simple. Just reply to this e-mail and refer to this offer. We will send you a quote to get the ball rolling.

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Razor Training Discount

Renew your maintenance on or before your annual renewal date and receive 10% off a Razor Training class of your choice. Valid for 1 year.

In 2004, Visible Systems will be offering training classes on the following dates:

June 21st

UNIX for Razor Administrators

June 22nd - June 25th

Razor End User/Administrative

June 28th - July 2nd

Implementing a Process with Razor

Oct. 18th

UNIX for Razor Administrators

Oct. 19th - Oct. 22nd

Razor End User/Administrative

Oct. 25th - Oct. 29th

Implementing a Process with Razor

For more information on training, we welcome you to visit our web site at

You may also use the following methods to contact Jennifer:

Phone: (315) 363-8000 x231
Fax: (315) 363-7488

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Tech Tip

Razor's Backup files

Razor backup files are created upon checkin and introduction and are completely optional.

For PC Users

In Windows, Razor creates backup files that end with .rz_backup. These backup files are put into the directory/folder from which the original file was introduced or checked-in from. For example, if you introduced a file called piechart2.xls from a directory called Project, Razor would create a file called piechart2.xls.rz_backup in the Project directory on your PC.

For UNIX Users

In UNIX, the ...<file> is actually a backup file that Razor creates by default. These backup files are put into the directory/folder from which the original file was introduced or checked-in from.


The purpose of the backup files is to serve as extra safety measures in case there is a problem upon introduction, check-in, or check-out of the files. You may delete the backup at anytime without risking harm to your database. If you would like to stop the creation of them altogether, you will need to utilize
your Xdefaults file (UNIX) and the Wdefaults file (PC).

To stop the creation of back-up files, you will need to set the following option to "False" in your Xdefaults or Wdefaults files:

!! Versions creation of backup (...*) files.
!! By default, versions will create backup files during file checkin
!! and file introduction. This is intended as a safety measure to protect
!! users in case of strange network happenings. These backup files can
!! be removed by running rz_cleanup periodically. Creation of these
!! backup files may be eliminated by setting the following resource to
!! False.
!Versions.makeBackup: True

NOTE: This Xdefault setting does not effect command line check-ins or introductions - they always make a backup.

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New pricing incentives are available with bundled packages of Developer and Analyst. Two new packages of Developer with the Zachman Enterprise Edition and the Corporate Edition set new price points for this technology.

Now, it is possible to have a combined Visible solution for almost half of retail price. Please call Jeff Smith, 508-829-7219 or 781-778-0200 x-322 for detailed specifics. This combination package represents the best value in software toolset solutions ever offered by Visible.

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Visible Developer Customers Having Success in Many Ways

From companies that are just making the transition to .NET, to organizations who are developing large enterprise applications, Visible Developer customers have been benefiting greatly from the use of our software component design and code generator.

"After several years of doing only MS-Access development, I have a huge learning curve with the transition to .NET and SQL Server. VisDev has dramatically eased that burden in two ways: letting me build a (mostly) functional application through the use of a powerful and intuitive designer (VisDev itself); giving me a 'custom study guide' in the form of well-written, nicely structured code that directly addresses the business problem I'm trying to solve."

- Ron Porter, Crestline Coach Ltd.

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Visible LCSIS

Visible Systems Corporation's powerful new product development management (PDM) tool LCSIS is now available for demonstration downloading through our website.

Click on "Product Lifecycle Solutions", then click our "Products" grouping at the top of our web page, then scroll to LCSIS and you will begin your introduction to this powerful PDM tool.

Visible invites you to contact us for a personalized LCSIS webinar by visiting our site above; we will tailor a LCSIS demo to your company's needs and show you how the power of LCSIS will solve your concurrent product development needs and immediately improve your company's ROI. LCSIS is priced agressively and comes with Visibles' "Service Award" winning technical support and on-site training.

LCSIS "the power of 10"!

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What is the significance of the following:

The year is 1978, thirty-four minutes past noon on May 6th.

Answer to the above puzzle can be found here.

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