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The Visble Edge - August 2004

Visible Spotlight
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Visible Spotlight - Feature Story

The new Visible Systems website, launching this week, demonstrates the company's mission: to make the enterprise visible.

Some of the highlights of the new website include:

- Downloadable white papers

- Free trials of the latest versions of all Visible's productivity tools

- Bulletin boards and forums

- Case studies and success stories from Visible's clients

- Webinars (both public and private)

- Keyword search capability

Razor Community Bulletin Board

Exciting news! We are pleased to let the Razor community know that Visible Systems now has the capability to host its own community bulletin boards. Our first board will center on user-developed Razor scripts.

As many Razor users are aware, Razor comes with 80+ scripts to incorporate into the Razor tool deployment. Many users have mentioned to us that they would be interested in sharing their own examples with fellow Razites while other folks have expressed the need to see generic examples to aid in their own development.

We're hoping that this board will become a valuable resource to our user community and meet an existing need. If we come across a script that we feel might be helpful to the entire Razor community, who knows? You may be a contributor to our distributed example script directory.

To jumpstart the board, we've included an example script that was due to be released with Razor 5.0 in September 2004. The script, rz_gen_license_stats, analyzes the Razor license debug output and produces statistics on license usage, user connections, max connections, etc.

Joining the bulletin board is easy. Simply follow the link for forum FAQs:

To view the bulletin board, please visit our website at:

Razor User Training...

In 2004 Visible Systems will be offering training classes on the following

Nov. 1st UNIX for Razor Administrators
Nov. 2nd - Nov. 5th Razor End User/Administrative
Nov. 8th - Nov. 11th Implementing a Process with Razor

In 2005 Visible Systems will be offering training classes on the following

Apr. 18th UNIX for Razor Administrators
Apr. 19th - Apr. 22nd Razor End User/Administrative
Apr. 25th - Apr. 28th Implementing a Process with Razor

Oct. 17th UNIX for Razor Administrators
Oct. 18th - Oct. 21st Razor End User/Administrative
Oct. 24th - Oct. 27th Implementing a Process with Razor

For more information on training, as well as our exciting new location in sunny Cocoa Beach, Florida, please visit our website at:

You may also contact us at:

Phone: (315) 363-8000, Option 1
Fax: (315) 363-7488

We look forward to seeing you there!

Razor Users Forum

The 2004 Razor Users Forum will be held on December 7th and 8th. This year's forum will be hosted by Lockheed Martin Corporation Space Systems at their Waterton facility. The plant is located approximately 25 miles from downtown Denver and about 45 miles from Denver International Airport.

Wednesday afternoon, December 8th, all attendees are invited to take part in an optional facility tour. Guests will see the Final Assembly Building
where all Atlas rockets are assembled. We should be able to view complete boosters laying on their sides on trailers. We will also be able to view other aspects of the assembly process during the tour. For more information on the Atlas rocket, please visit the following websites:

Don't forget!!! One of the biggest highlights of our discussions are *your*

demonstrations! Last year's presentations were outstanding. Fellow attendees highlighted Razor's flexibility through their highly creative deployment of the toolset and their customized enhancements.

Don't worry, your efforts won't be made in vain! Last year, presenters received an expandable, embroidered Razor bag capable of holding files or even a laptop computer.

To register, please contact us

Registrants will receive a Denver accommodations map and more information on security requirements via email.

Razor Tech Tip...

How to Revert or Promote a Thread from the GUI

Razor users can easily revert or promote a thread directly from the Versions GUI. Here's how:

1. Initiate a Versions session.
2. In the Versions GUI, select Edit/Tool Properties.
3. In the Tool Properties GUI, uncheck "Hide thread groups" and hit OK.
4. In the Version GUI, select Groups/Threads. Versions will now display the contents of the threads group you selected.

- To revert a thread to a previous version, select Utilities/Revert.

- To promote a thread's blessing, select Utilities/Edit file props.


Calling all Razor users! If your software development activities are in support of a product integration, as for example, a test set for airplane avionics, a radar suite, or a security monitoring/tracking system, then Visible's lifecycle support information system, LCSIS, is an application to investigate.

As a product data management tool, LCSIS is the logical extension of your Razor implementation since it tracks the as planned product through its as built and as modified baselines. The relational nature of LCSIS, and its integration with your IT systems, is key to its growing success.

Structured along the lines of the latest ISO, DoD and CMII standards/policies, LCSIS' ROI is most evident. LCSIS is easy to install, setup, and use as well. You can begin to manage your product configuration in just hours.

Visit our new Visible website,, for a complete understanding of LCSIS and to schedule a LCSIS webinar or demo. We'll make your product development team believers in no time!


Attend a Visible Analyst webinar by August 31st and receive $100 off the price of the Visible Analyst Enterprise Framework edition. For a schedule of Visible product webinars, please visit our web site at webinars.htm

*** This offer is not valid on previous purchases. ***



There is a pole in a lake. One-half of the pole is in the ground, another one-third of it is covered by water, and 10 ft is out of the water. What is the total length of the pole in ft?

The answer to the above puzzle can be found at:

Visible Systems Voice: 315-363-8000
FAX: 315-363-7488

A Problem Tracking System with Integrated Configuration Management

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