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Issue: February 10, 2005

Visible Spotlight
- CM Crossroads reviews LCSIS

Configuration Management
- Razor: Did you know?
- Razor 2005 Training Discounts
- Tech Tip

Requirements Management
- Visible Analyst: Next Release


Visible Spotlight - Feature Story

CM Crossroads reviews LCSIS

Recently, Visible Systems' data management application, LCSIS, was reviewed by
CM Crossroads, an independent organization promoting the discipline of
Configuration Management(CM) and the modern technology used today to perform
product lifecycle management. The CM Crossroads Review of LCSIS is a must read
if you are trying to institute good CM practices across your software or
hardware projects.

The links below will introduce you to the LCSIS Review. Please contact Visible's
Stan Mazuroski at for more information or a quote to
make LCSIS a part of your CM best practices.


Configuration Management

Razor - Did you know?

The Razor tools may be used collectively as a tool suite or independently. The
tools share a common database. The database is composed of one or more issues
groups, one or more file-control groups, and a project group. File and thread
groups are linked, with a single project group existing for all file/thread
pairs in the database. Issues can be related to version control and thread
activity, or can be used in a standalone fashion. Therefore, it is envisioned
that one approach for interfacing the activity stored by Razor with third party
tools would be to utilize the Issues control groups for defect tracking;
Versions control groups for versioning and Threads control groups for releases
or baselines. For more information please review:

Razor 2005 Training Discounts

We are offering a $250.00 discount off of our Cocoa Beach based Razor Training
Classes to all customers. We have already started accepting registrations for
our April class...don't get shut out...get registered!

Apr. 18th UNIX for Razor Administrators
Apr. 19th - Apr. 22nd Razor End User/Administrative
Apr. 25th - Apr. 28th Implementing a Process with Razor

For more information on training, as well as our exciting new location in sunny
Cocoa Beach, Florida, please visit our website at:

You may also contact us at:
Phone: (315) 363-8000, Option 1
Fax: (315) 363-7488

We look forward to seeing you there!

Razor Tech Tip

A solution to "Possible list selection error" in Issues.

The warning message you are running into is caused by a long Issue Attachment
file name. To fix the problem, please add the following section to your
Xdefaults and Wdefaults files, bring up a new Issues GUI, and try to replicate
your previous findings:

!! Issue file attachment filename length
!! The number of characters to use when displaying issue file attachment
!! names is defined as: !!
Issues.fileAttachFilenameLength: 60

Modeling Tools

New Release of Visible Analyst

Visible Systems is preparing a new release of its flagship enterprise business
modeling and repository product, Visible Analyst. This new release of Analyst
will support requirements management capabilities. These capabilities will be
built directly into the Analyst repository. Users will be able to automatically
launch a series of tasks for a particular set of requirements and track these
tasks as they relate to design and development activities. Users will be able
to use the same type of capabilities as found in Razor's Issues module;
creating forms to keep track of information as well as setting up users,
groups, roles and signature chains that drive the workflow process.

Additionally, the new release will support a new integration with Visible
Advantage for importing Planning Statements and a new synchronization with
Visible Developer. The synchronization with Developer is designed to
automatically update Analyst repository design objects for any changes that are
made directly to the underlying source code, essentially enabling roundtrip

Finally, the new release will include a new XML facility for capturing ERwin

For more information on Visible Analyst, please visit our website at:



A man has to take a dog, a cat, and a mouse across a river. He can only take
one of the animals across at a time. If he takes the mouse, the dog will eat
the cat. If he takes the dog, the cat will eat the mouse.

How does he get the three animals across the river

The answer to the above puzzle can be found at:


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