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Issue: February 6, 2005

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- Razor 5.1 Released
- Developer Consulting - Tempe Municipal Court

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Visible Spotlight


Razor v5.1 was recently released to the user community. This release includes the much awaited upgrade to Windows POSIX 3.5 on the Windows Server platform. The incorporation of POSIX 3.5 will allow users to now take advantage of all of the latest security patches on the Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 platforms.

This means that Razor now runs on PCs loaded with Windows XP and Service Pack 2. It also means that Razor's IssueWeaver Product may now be used with the latest release of Apache on Windows and Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) web server.

It is important to note that with the use of POSIX 3.5, Razor is NO LONGER SUPPORTED on the Windows NT 4.0 platform.

The addition of POSIX also includes a change to the underlying filesystem name. Within the POSIX shells (ksh and csh) All directories now have the "/dev/fs" prefix. For example:


now becomes


POSIX 3.5 is automatically loaded when you upgrade to Razor v5.1 and requires an additional restart of your server during the install process.

The Razor difference/merge engine also received an overhaul. We are proud to announce that v5.1 of Razor now uses the award winning Guiffy diff/merge engine (
Razor v5.1 ships with a fully functional OEM license which allows the full use of Guiffy.

The Guiffy merge engine is automatically installed on all Windows platforms (server and clients).
UNIX/Linux users will need to download a copy from the Guiffy download site which may be found at You do not need to fill in any user information, register, or request a license. Simply click the correct UNIX/Linux operating system
and click the SUBMIT button in the middle of the page. You should install the Guiffy software in the default location which is normally $HOME on UNIX/Linux systems of the Razor Administrator account. The final step is to define the GUIFFY_HOME environment variable to point to the
Guiffy installation directory. This environment variable may be added to the rz_prep and files for all of your databases or placed in a system wide login script.

Please review the RELEASE_NOTES for Razor v5.1 for additional information.

NOTE: Users upgrading from 4.3c and using the Razor Password file must first upgrade to Razor v5.0 and then Razor v5.1.

As always, contact if you have any questions.


The City of Tempe, Arizona has recently entered into a one year contract with Visible Systems to perform Visible Developer programming services in support of its development of its ongoing Municipal Court System replacement effort. Initial Modules of the system development effort include "complaint entry" and "post submit processing" for traffic tickets. Future complaint types to be implemented will include criminal, animal and business complaints. The development effort is part of a state-wide effort to replace existing court systems with more modern Microsoft Visual Studio based systems. Visible Systems staffers Karen Mattox and Julian Neytchev will be involved in Visible's programming support efforts at the Tempe court.

Visible Promotions

Razor: License Promo

Razor New Year Promotional Special - FREE Customer Appreciation Gift !!! For the month of February receive a FREE Razor Gift Set with any new license purchase of Razor. The gift set includes our Razor & IssueWeaver manuals, Razor pen & pencil set, a Visible Systems note pad as well as a Razor CD to add to your software library. The gift set will be packaged and shipped to thank you for your patronage

Razor: Maintenance Promo

Visible Systems is pleased to announce a special Welcome Back Program being offered to our existing Razor customers who allowed their maintenance contract to expire. This program will allow you to update your licenses, no matter how old they are, for just a fraction of the cost. This offer is available until February 28, 2006.

To calculate the cost to update, simply take the normal cost ($150/license) for a 1 year subscription to our maintenance program and divide it in half. This will be the cost to update your license(s) to the latest Razor release.

Analyst: License Promo

Upgrade to our Framework Edition within two months of your renewal date and receive a $200 discount off of the license price or upgrade within one month and receive a $100 discount off of the license price.

Visible Training

In order to meet everyone's busy schedules, we are now offering web-training. Convenient, Cost Effective, and Smart! Train right from your workstation at a time that is convenient for you.
There is no need to travel or clear out busy schedules. Visible's new web-based training
program is based on the same technology through which we deliver interactive Webinars. In order to maintain the highest level of quality and personal attention, e-training sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 students per session. In addition to our Razor user and Administrator e-training classes, we have now expanded our e-training offerings to include: Implementing a Process,
Product Life Cycle Management and Model Driven Architecture ...

Please contact us at razor_training for more details our visit our website at

Razor Class Room Training - We are offering the following public classes in the Maryland, Virginia area:

Razor Implementing a Process Class: 03/07/06 - 03/10/06
Razor End User & Admin Class: 07/11/06 - 07/14/06
Razor Implementing a Process Class: 09/12/06 - 09/15/06

Razor Tech Tip

On a Windows machine, have you ever wanted to "cleanup" the list of UNIVERSE's and users that are displayed on the PC client login window (Issues, Versions, Threads)?

On Windows, the Razor.ini file maintains a list of Razor databases and user Ids that have recently attempted a connection to a Razor server. This list may be modified using with the Notepad editor (or any other text editor for that matter). The databases are stored next to each "udir?=" entry where ? is a number between 1 and 10. The user Ids are stored next to each "user?="

The Razor.ini File may be found under the C:\WINNT or C:\Windows directory depending on your operating system.



A fireman is running to get a net under a lady who looks like she might jump off the balcony of her 20 story apartment building. There is nothing below her except a 20 story fall. The fireman is 100 yds away when she falls and can't nearly get there in time. The woman is not hurt, more
than a bruise. How is that possible?

The answer to the above puzzle can be found at:


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