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Lockheed Martin Selects Razor (Again!)

Oneida, NY (October 19, 1999) - Tower Concepts, a subsidiary of Visible Systems Corporation, today announced that Lockheed Martin has signed a three-year extension of its agreement with Tower to make Razor the corporate standard for Configuration Management and Problem Tracking (CM/PT) tools. Lockheed Martin is one of the world's leading aerospace and advanced technology companies. Lockheed Martin originally selected Razor in 1996 as a corporate standard, and it is a key component on mission critical development efforts at NASA, Boeing, VLSI, Motorola, and Iridium. The Razor product is used in over 34 different countries worldwide.

According to Tower's General Manager, Mark Duening, "The renewal of this agreement shows the confidence and satisfaction that Lockheed Martin has with the Razor product. This further confirms Razor as the preeminent CM/PT tool in the industry."

About Razor CM/PT

Razor is an integrated tool suite which offers both problem tracking and configuration management. Razor/CM is a comprehensive file version control and release management system, and Razor/PT is a highly configurable problem tracking system. The Razor tool suite is completely customizable with both GUI and command line capabilities.

Configuration Management, or CM Tools, assist software developers in keeping track of the many different versions and sub-units of their code. Modern software development is a complex process involving teams of many different programmers, a myriad of releases and revisions of code, and multiple but cooperating semi-independent sections of software. Developers thus have to manage the configuration of those several different pieces of code and the relationships among them.

Problem Tracking, or PT Tools, meanwhile, helps developers manage information about bugs, defects, and other problems in code. A PT Tool would, for example, keep track of bug reports, what actions were taken to correct the bugs, and what sections of the code were affected as a result.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a highly diversified corporation involved in aerospace, electronics, information systems, and a broad range of other markets and services. With sales of $26.2 billion in 1998, Lockheed Martin is the world's largest aerospace/defense contractor. Its customers include U.S. and international government agencies and commercial enterprises.

Tower Concepts

Tower Concepts is a leading supplier of software tools for software developers. The company's Razor product has earned a dedicated following among coders, ISV's, and developers the world over. For more information about Tower products, call 313-363-8000 or visit the Tower web site at .

Visible Systems Corporation

Visible Systems Corporation, headquartered in Waltham, MA, is a world leader in modeling tool technology, software quality, and design tools. More than 100,000 Software Engineers, Analysts, and Designers use the Visible tools to quickly develop software solutions. For more information about Visible products, call 800-6VISIBLE, x38 or visit the Visible web site at .


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