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New Visible Analyst 7.5 Supports UML, XML, Round-Trip, and Structured Software Engineering in One Integrated Toolset.

The latest version of this popular application development tool gives companies "push-button" transition from traditional to object-oriented software development

Waltham, MA (August 28, 2000) - Visible Systems Corporation unveiled an enhanced version of its powerful software analysis and design tool that uniquely supports both structured and object-oriented development. By supporting both design methods, Visible Analyst 7.5 helps development teams effectively migrate structured applications into object-oriented applications, build new applications that incorporate enterprise data, and reduce maintenance headaches for all applications.

Visible Analyst 7.5 supports Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams for analysis and design, as well as structured notations and XML and SQL schema descriptions. It performs "push-button" translation of Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) into Class Diagrams and vice versa, saving developers significant time in building error-free models.

In addition, Visible Analyst 7.5 expands the IntelliViews™ feature. Users can now reverse engineer data views from existing databases. The product also offers complete reverse/forward round-trip engineering for databases and data views.

"IT departments face the daunting task of building competitive new e-commerce applications while managing and maintaining their traditional business software projects. Visible Analyst 7.5 just made this easier," explained Wolfgang Mueller, Visible's vice president of sales and marketing. "From one product with a common user interface, Visible Analyst 7.5 lets developers model and build high-quality enterprise applications that apply either structured or OO technologies. Because of our powerful round-trip engineering, developers can incorporate the best of their legacy systems while building a solid platform for new future applications."

Mueller added: "Traditionally, Visible Analyst is chosen for its extensive functionality at a relatively low cost. With the addition of OO modeling and design, the product's value just increased dramatically."

New Features

Visible Analyst 7.5 enables software engineers to model data, processes, entity relationships, and objects that can be shared for concurrent, multi-user application development throughout the organization. It gives corporations a way to control enterprise software for quality, consistency, and reusability in business applications through the managed sharing and reuse of meta-data. Visible Analyst 7.5's extensive reporting function provides a useful communications vehicle between developers and company managers. Graphic reports not only help better define the software being developed, they also raise the visibility of the project within an organization.

Visible Analyst 7.5 supports Use Case Modeling, Sequence Modeling, Collaboration Modeling, and Activity Modeling, as well as Class and State Transition Modeling. It is part of the complete solution for building object-oriented and e-business programs. Visible Analyst 7.5 exchanges model information via XML with VBMentor from 3tSoftware, which generates Visual Basic code. It also interfaces to Powerbuilder and other code-generation products for C, C++, and Java.

The enhanced IntelliViews feature is especially helpful in application integration and database modification. Visible Analyst 7.5 lets developers extract database views from existing databases, import them into the Visible Analyst repository, and generate new data views.

Visible Analyst support for XML schemas facilitates the integration of e-business applications with object and legacy systems. It generates an XML file containing meta-data descriptions that can be exported to eXcelon™ software and other XML-based server systems for quickly building dynamic business-to-business Web applications.

Visible Analyst 7.5 also simplifies connection to databases through ODBC. When a database schema is generated or reverse engineered, connection information is maintained, eliminating the need to re-enter a data source selection.

Pricing and Availability

Visible Analyst 7.5, with a 12-month maintenance contract, costs between $1,195 and $2,995, based on capabilities. The product is available in an Object-Oriented Edition, a DB Engineer Edition, a Corporate Edition, and a Standard Edition. Quantity volume discounts are available. Customers currently under maintenance agreements are entitled to a free upgrade. Production shipments of Visible Analyst 7.5 will be available in September 2000.

Visible Systems Corporation

Visible Systems Corporation ( ), headquartered in Waltham, MA, is a leader in application development tools, training, and consulting. Visible has over 100,000 users of its products worldwide and an extensive product line. Besides Visible Analyst 7.5, the company's products include Visible Advantage, a development tool for complex, cross-functional enterprise-class development; Visible Business Templates, which provides a fast-start approach to creating a quality data architecture and warehouse; and Razor, a full-featured configuration management system. The company has an active consulting division that advises, trains, and implements enterprise software projects.


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