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Software configuration management product adds full support for Windows 2000, provides GUI interfaces for very easy use.

The Razor SCM and problem-tracking tool now integrates with Microsoft's IDE SCC API and gives developers GUI interfaces for simple administration and reporting

Waltham, MA (Nov. 8, 2000) - Visible Systems Corporation released a new version of its acclaimed Razor software configuration management (SCM) system, which adds graphical user interfaces designed to improve productivity of software development teams and provides direct access to Razor from Windows development tools. Now, developers on Windows 2000 and other platforms can more effectively organize, manage, and track the hundreds of files, releases, and issues related to their software development projects.

Razor 4.2 integrates with all Windows integrated development environments (IDEs) that support Microsoft's SCC API (Source Code Control Application Programming Interface), including Windows 2000. Developers can directly check in and check out Razor files and reports from development environments such as Microsoft's Visual Studio. This saves users time by eliminating separate log-in steps from each development environment.

Razor 4.2 provides a "point-and-click" interface, eliminating the need to use command lines or to write scripts for report-building and system administration. Through a simple graphical user interface, users can produce bar graphs, pie charts, text, and HTML output to report the status of software releases, issue resolution, and timelines. A GUI database administrator enables Windows users to easily perform tasks such as status checking, database configuration, and updates.

Essential Developer Resource

"Razor has been a valuable SCM tool in organizations that develop high-quality mission-critical systems, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA," said Wolfgang Mueller, vice president of sales and marketing. "Our growing number of Windows customers called for additional GUI functions, so we extended Razor's power to all Windows platforms, including 2000. Unix users will also get more ease of use and productivity."

Clive Burrows, principal analyst with Ovum and an internationally known expert in configuration management, commented: "Foresight or crisis will force most organizations to adopt software configuration management -- especially companies building complex e-business projects. That's why the CM market currently has an average growth rate of 40 percent per year and over 50 vendors. Visible has a good foothold in the market with its Razor product. Razor provides good value and will be a long-term market player."

Mission-critical Tool

"At Kennedy Space Center, we've been using Razor since 1997," explained Al Menendez, president of Space Coast Information Systems, Inc. "We are in the middle of an upgrade to the current Space Shuttle Launch Processing System. Razor is a critical part of our development life-cycle and helps us manage more than 2 million lines of source code, project documentation, and hardware drawings. With Razor, we can control the source code, automatically notify developers and management of changes via e-mail, access the database from any of our UNIX and PC workstations (including over the Web), completely track changes, and manage each of our deliveries.

"Razor provides all essential functionality needed for source code development and configuration management. It is very easy to set up and quite extensible. The product costs a fraction of the price of many competing products, and we have more than recouped our original investment. We continue to benefit from Visible's excellent support and Razor product improvements."

About Razor

Razor 4.2 Software Configuration Management provides sophisticated version control, integrated problem and issue tracking, release management, and process control. This combination of features lets developers keep track of the issues, status, and history of every project, accelerating the development of high-quality software.

Razor 4.2 is scaleable, supporting both small and large projects. It operates on Unix, Linux, and Windows. An optional Razor 4.2 feature, Issue Weaver, provides communications among distributed developers over the Internet or through a local area network, so that problem tracking can be coordinated remotely.

Pricing and Availability

Razor 4.2 costs under $600 per license, plus maintenance, for orders of 20 or more licenses. Production shipments of Razor 4.2 are available now.

Visible Systems Corporation

Visible, headquartered in Waltham, MA, is a leader in application development tools, training, and consulting. Visible has over 100,000 users of its products worldwide. Besides Razor 4.2, the company's products include Visible Analyst, a powerful software analysis and design tool that supports UML, XML, round-trip, and structured software engineering in one integrated toolset; Visible Advantage, an architecture modeling and meta-data management tool for the planning and design of enterprise information portals; and Visible Business Templates, which provides a fast-start approach to creating a quality data architecture for databases and data warehouses. The company also has an active consulting division that provides training and guidance on all aspects of implementing software projects.


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