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A unique planning statement feature lets application developers link business requirements to design objects in a single repository, besting price and efficiency of competitive products

LEXINGTON, MA - June 3, 2002 -- A new version of Visible Systems' proven database/application modeling product provides a multi-user repository for housing both strategic business information and an organization's meta-data. Visible Analyst 7.6 eliminates the inconvenience of searching in multiple tools to reconcile business rules and requirements with design objects. An integrated tool is less expensive than buying additional tools, is easier to learn and use, and eliminates the risk of inconsistent data.

"Software development is much more efficient if a development team can use the same repository-based tool for managing everything from business planning and information architecture to analysis, design, and implementation," said John Vosburgh, general manager of Visible's modeling tools division. "Within a single, multi-user repository, Visible Analyst 7.6 lets you create business planning statements and also link them to model objects. This helps developers determine the significance of each object and ensure that each object supports the organization's business requirements."

Mr. Vosburgh added: "With other modeling tools, you have to buy another product for requirements management and then cross-reference the information in existing tools. That can be expensive and cumbersome. Organizations that are serious about moving to Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) should consider adopting a repository-based product like Visible Analyst 7.6."

From Model to Production Code

Another new Visible Analyst 7.6 feature - XMI export and import - addresses a common developer problem: moving efficiently and accurately from application models to production code for enterprise Web-based applications.

Mr. Vosburgh explained: "Customers were already able to move application models between Visible Analyst and our Visible Developer product to generate VB6 three-tier applications. This summer, they'll be able to generate .Net applications using the same Analyst/Developer interface. What's new with Visible Analyst 7.6 is that we now support model exchange with other code generators. Specifically, Analyst 7.6 tested with Compuware's OptimalJ, which produces J2EE code."

"The beauty of Visible Analyst 7.6 is that you can model a business application and generate code for any number of popular platforms," Mr. Vosburgh continued. "Then, if you change the application down the road, you can efficiently generate new production code. That can save users a lot of time and money."

About Visible Analyst 7.6

Visible Analyst is a database and application modeling tool that supports UML, round-trip, and traditional structured software engineering in one integrated toolset. Comprehensive modeling enables companies to effectively migrate structured applications into object-oriented applications, build new applications that incorporate enterprise data, and reduce maintenance headaches for all applications.

Because of its unique repository, Visible Analyst enables software engineers to model data, processes, entity relationships, and objects that can be shared for concurrent, multi-user application development throughout the organization. It gives corporations a way to control enterprise software for quality, consistency, and reusability in business applications through the managed sharing and reuse of meta-data.

About Visible Systems Corporation

Visible ( ), headquartered in Lexington, MA, is a leader in application development tools, training, and consulting. Visible has over 100,000 users of its products worldwide. Besides Visible Analyst, the company's products include Visible Developer, a model-based application design and code generation tool, and Razor, a full-featured configuration management system.


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