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Visible Product Introduces Framework Engineering Components that Support all 30 Zachman Cells and also Help to Deploy C4ISR Technology.


LEXINGTON, MA - December 1, 2003 -- Visible Systems Corporation, a world leader in Enterprise Engineering, with 20 years of experience, unveiled its latest generation of enterprise modeling solutions with its first Enterprise Framework Edition. Engineered to support Zachman Framework technology, and ultimately other frameworks, this product represents leading edge technological value for the government, education, and commercial markets. It provides CIOs, Enterprise Architects and System Architects with an anchor for IT Governance.

This capstone achievement currently supports all cells of the Zachman Framework and is compatible with the Department of Defense C4ISR efforts. For over 20 years, Visible has been a leader in modeling tools to "ENGINEERING THE ENTERPRISE FOR EXCELLENCE" . This new tool provides a standard for the development of Enterprise Architecture.

The Visible Analyst Framework Edition has evolved from the Visible Analyst family of products which represent a remarkable achievement in terms of breadth and robustness. Amongst modeling tools, Analyst excels in the areas of supporting wider ranges of methodologies, providing tight coupling of functional areas, including unsurpassed excellence in coordinating the modeling efforts of large software teams, and bringing world-class modeling software to customers at an affordable price.

An example of a standout Visible Analyst application exists within the Social Security Administration. The system that provides U.S. citizens with their annual Social Security Statement was conceptualized, implemented, and delivered using Visible Analyst technology. Thus, whether we are talking oil, aerospace, military, commercial, education, or just our annual Social Security statements, Visible Analyst means leading-edge technology engineered for excellence! Visible's landmark achievement provides the perfect link between leading conceptual theory and precise technological delivery.

The product sells for $5,000 per license with generous upgrade allowances for current customers of Visible's earlier products. For a limited time only, bundled purchase arrangements include 3 licenses for $10,000, 5 licenses for $15,000 and 10 licenses for $20,000. Bundled read-only licenses are available to customers for free.

Clive Finkelstein, the "Father" of Information Engineering and Managing Director of Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd in Australia, presents seminars on Enterprise Architecture world-wide. As Chief Scientist, for Visible Systems Corporation, he observed: "I already use the Enterprise Architecture Edition of Visible Advantage in the Enterprise Architecture seminars and the EA projects that I consult on world-wide. Visible Analyst is a sister product also developed and supported by Visible Systems Corporation. It provides full support for UML and OMT Object-Oriented methods, as well as complete support for Software Engineering, Information Engineering and Enterprise Engineering. It supports Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering to, and from, the widest range of DBMS products. It also can use the same metadata to generate XML DTDs and XSDs and it supports XMI for metadata transfer."

"This announcement of the Enterprise Architecture Edition of Visible Analyst extends the capabilities of this powerful product into the Enterprise Architecture market. The earlier addition of Strategic Business Planning in V7.6 of Visible Analyst has been expanded now by the ability to use the Zachman Framework as an interface into the underlying models. These models, once accessed from the Zachman Framework interface, are fully active; they can be changed or enhanced dynamically as required in an EA project - distinct from other tools that provide access only to static models. Furthermore, it is one of the few modeling tool in the Enterprise Architecture market at present that supports ALL 30 cells of the Zachman Framework," added Finkelstein.

About Visible Analyst - Framework Edition ( )
Visible Analyst brings world renown in its array of information systems toolset solutions in the government, education, and commercial sectors. Essentially, a process, data, and object oriented modeling tool environment, it represents state of the art technology. Now, supporting the Zachman Framework, almost any industrial strength project can be elegantly engineered with this toolset.

Unique amongst modeling tools, Visible Analyst easily facilitates large, group-oriented, analysis and design efforts, complete with all of the control and coordination thereof.

Company Chairman & Founder, George Cagliuso, summarized Visible Analyst as "the tool that keeps software Visible to management and facilitates management control of software project development. In other worlds, Visible Analyst opens a visible window to the enterprise and facilitates greater management control."

Pricing and Availability
Visible Analyst - Framework Edition sells for $5,000, with generous education discounts, and existing customer trade-up policies. Quantity pricing arrangements are available, with 3 licenses being $10,000, 5 licenses being 15,000 and even more competitive pricing for higher quantities. Read-only copies are bundled for free.

About Visible Systems
Headquartered in Lexington, MA, Visible offers end-to-end, model-based solutions for developing and managing large-scale software and database applications. Visible has over 100,000 users of its products worldwide. Besides Razor, the company's products include Visible Advantage, an enterprise architecture planning and development tool. Visible Analyst, a powerful software analysis and design tool that supports UML, XML, round-trip, and structured software engineering in one integrated tool set. Visible Developer, a model-based, technology-neutral code engine for Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET generation and Visible LCSIS a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. A growing list of Visible customers include AEA Technology, AT&T, BAE Systems, Boeing, Booz, Allen, & Hamilton, Computer Sciences Corporation, DASA Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Eagle Systems Inc., Federal Aviation Administration, Foster Miller, General Dynamics, Integral Systems, Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Labs, Motorola, NASA - Kennedy Space Center, NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center, Naval Air Warfare Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, National Security Agency, National Severe Storms Lab, NLX Corporation, NOAA, Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Orbital Science, Raytheon E-Systems, Robins Air Force Base, SAIC, Sandia National Laboratories, Social Security Administration, Sensis, Shell, Seagate Technology, State of Arizona, Tundra Semiconductors and the US Navy Coastal System Station.


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