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LEXINGTON, MA - March 16, 2004 -- Visible Systems Corporation, twenty years a world leader in enterprise engineering, today unveiled the next generation of application performance and availability management solutions with Visible Polaris.

Polaris is engineered to support application lifecycle management (ALM) as well as the broader range of project lifecycle management efforts. Ready to use right out of the box, it contains custom attribute data and extensive security options that allow the user to configure Polaris to meet specific needs. Customizable workflow, field, and user-level security, and required fields guarantee that ALM processes are followed. Windows and Web-based browser clients ensure that your team has access from anywhere.

Immediate key benefits:

Quality Improvements: Polaris ensures that defects are discovered early in the application lifecycle when the cost of finding a defect is a fraction of that when found later in the application lifecycle.

Market Time: Polaris keeps the application development process flowing. Authorized users can look up the current state of a defect at any time. Email notifications ensure that the team is kept up to date throughout all changes to defect states.

Improved customer support: Attachments enable customers to easily submit references to reports or records to a request.

Defect Tracking: Polaris tracks defects and feature requests across customers, users, user groups, and by applications or configurations. Automatic defect assignments based on defect state and content streamline resolution management. Automatic notification of users of assignments, requests, changes, etc. using Polaris's email notification system eliminates all non-value added activities from the application development process.

Version Control: Attach issues to files under version control so that you can trace how a problem was solved. Files can be checked in and checked out from within Polaris. Any provider, such as Razor, that supports the Microsoft SCC interface can be used.
Reporting: Polaris supports Crystal Reports or Excel and allows XML import/export for easy exchange of data between XML-enabled applications.

Environments: Polaris clients run on Windows XP/2000/NT, Windows 95/98/ME and Windows CE. Microsoft Access database file can be installed on Windows 95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, or Windows NT Server. Technical support and consulting services are available for customers who prefer to use other databases such as SQL Server, DB2, etc.

Visible Polaris has evolved from the Visible family of products that represent a remarkable achievement in terms of breadth and robustness. For example, Visible's Razor, an integrated software configuration management solution has been selected as a finalist for the 14th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards, presented annually by Software Development magazine to products that have "jolted" the industry with their significance and made the task of creating software faster, easier and more efficient. Razor is now a finalist in the Change and Configuration Management Tools category. Visible is also a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. Visible Polaris runs on the full range of Microsoft's platforms and is integrated with Visual Studio .NET.

About Visible Systems Corporation (

Headquartered in Lexington, MA, Visible offers end-to-end, model-based solutions for developing and managing large-scale software and database applications. Visible has over 100,000 users of its products worldwide. Besides Visible Analyst, the company's products include: Visible Advantage, an enterprise architecture planning and development tool; Visible Developer, a powerful software code generation tool that supports multiple .NET software application initiatives; Razor, a tool that supports integrated software configuration management; and Razor LCSIS, an Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. A growing list of Visible customers include AEA Technology, AT&T, BAE Systems, Boeing, Booz, Allen, & Hamilton, Computer Sciences Corporation, DASA Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Eagle Systems Inc., Federal Aviation Administration, Foster Miller, General Dynamics, Integral Systems, Johnson Space Center, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Labs, Motorola, NASA - Kennedy Space Center, NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center, Naval Air Warfare Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, National Security Agency, National Severe Storms Lab, NLX Corporation, NOAA, Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Orbital Science, Raytheon E-Systems, Robins Air Force Base, SAIC, Sandia National Laboratories, Social Security Administration, Sensis, Shell, Seagate Technology, State of Arizona, Tundra Semiconductors and the US Navy Coastal System Station.


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