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Visible Releases Razor 5.3

Includes Rhapsody Interface and Threads Diffing

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS - December 23rd, 2008 -- Visible Systems (Visible) releases Version 5.3 of Razor. This release features a Razor interface with IBM Telelogic's Rhapsody IDE; an integration of Razor's threads with Guiffy (embedded in Razor) for performing a difference between threads and the use of SSH in lieu of 'rexec' for authentication of remote Issues, Versions, and Threads. clients.

The integration with IBM Telelogic's Rhapsody product enables Razor users to perform all of the routine version control functions while working within the Rhapsody Integrated Development Environment. For example, a Razor user might need to check out or check in files while making changes to a real-time or embedded thread of configuration baseline. While in Rhapsody, the Razor user will have a series of pull down menu options for File Introduction, File Check-In, File Check-Out, File Branching, Branch Termination, File Promotion, File Browsing, Edit File Attributes and File Merge.

The integration of Razor's threads with Guiffy can be used now to streamline your release management. Through this new feature, Razor users will be able to take advantage of advanced folder and file tree comparsion and synchronization capabilities. The Integrated Folder/FileTree compare capability allows Razor users to compare tree views across threads for quick and easy identification of differences. The thread compare results can be viewed as a file tree without (the default) or with details (file size and modified date). Thread Compare options include: Show SubFolders recursively, Show Files Matching, Added, Deleted, Changed. Thread comparisons can be for one folder at a time (with the ability to drill down), or explored (expanding and collapsing subfolders), or for an entire file tree at once (recursively). Thread differences can be viewed side-by-side, split horizontally, or together in a single window and the vertical and horizontal scrolling is synchronized with one set of scrollbars. Finally, views of the thread comparisons can be printed in a Together or Split view (side-by-side) report is depending upon the current view.

Click here to access the Razor Release Notes.

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