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Visible Wins Indian Award

The Consortium for Indian Information Technology Education Declared Visible Analyst, "Best Structured Systems Analysis & Design Modeling Tool"

FRAMINGHAM, MA, December 08, 2009 - Over the past two decades more than 100,000 students have been have learned traditional and object-oriented systems analysis and design with Visible Analyst. Students using Visible Analyst eventually become Analysts, Designers, Database Engineers, Enterprise Architects, and even CIO's.

The new edition of Visible Analyst is different from earlier versions of the software in a number of ways. First, the new edition now runs on the Vista and Windows 7 operating systems; plus we have added new modeling techniques for integrated UML 2.1 Component and Deployment modeling complete with rules analysis and integrated repository capabilities.
Visible Analyst remains the easiest to use modeling tool in the marketplace. New students are typically up and running in minutes and learn to navigate the tool in less than an hour. Armed with Visible Analyst's built in error checking and context sensitive help; students will rapidly build quality systems. As students develop new systems, Visible Analyst will dynamically update all changes or modifications to the students' projects.

Unlike other modeling tools -- Visible Analyst is equipped with a single user interface for all aspects of the students' modeling needs tightly linking graphic models, methodology rules checking, data repository and common sense reporting to create better systems, faster

The graphic models created in Visible Analyst is the roadmap for any business student, allowing him or her to develop reusable blueprints and to gain a better understanding of complex systems, applications, or databases.

Visible Analyst by design works with all of the key Systems Analysis and Design texts from your favorite publisher (and in fact can be bundled with your textbooks).

Visible Analyst can also be licensed through a distributive model directly to your students for use on their laptops through Blackboard and installed in your computer labs for convenient student availability -- on very favorable terms. Distributive licenses offer a mix of student licenses and multi-user computer lab licenses for terms of one or three years.

Take this opportunity to evaluate Visible Analyst for use in the classroom. We are so sure that Visible Analyst will be a success for you that we will send you a FREE Desk Copy of the Visible Analyst. All you need to do get yours is to Contact Us!

About Visible Systems: Headquartered in Framingham, MA, Visible offers end-to-end, model-based solutions for developing and managing large-scale software and database applications. In education, Visible's modeling tools have been an integral part of college and university programs at leading institutions around the world for more than twenty years. Visible Analyst has over 100,000 student users throughout the world. Visible first came to market in 1985 with its educational offerings. Since then its product Visible Analyst has become one of the most widely used modeling educational software in the market today.


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