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Visible Wins in Australia

The University of Newcastle Adopts Visible Analyst for Campus-wide Use

FRAMINGHAM, MA, April 12, 2010 - Visible Systems Corporation, announced today that it has signed a multi-year deal with The University of Newcastle, Australia for the licensing of Visible's award winning Visible Analyst University Edition used by thousands of higher educational institutions in training future software engineers, analysts, designers, and developers.

The University of Newcastle graduates thousands of Computer Scientists, Programmers, and Software Engineers. Under the agreement, Visible Analyst will be deployed campus-wide for use with the Information Technology (IT) bachelor degree program. The University of Newcastle evaluated a number of competitive modeling tools including IBM Rational Rose, Visual Paradigm and Holocentric Modeler before determining that Visible Analyst was the best solution for the university's needs.
During a post installation compliance survey, the University's staff indicated: "VA's (Visible) support services have been second to none. Given our location we often have time zone issues when getting support from US or Europe. VA's (Visible) support staff were always prompt in their responses and on a number of occasions had worked odd hours in order to be available during Australian business hours in order to troubleshoot our installation."

The University went on to say that understanding the many methodologies, notations and rules of analyzing, designing and developing software with Visible's educational offerings is much easier than with other modeling tools. Visible's modeling software uses a single user interface which tightly couples all diagrams with data repository entries, dynamically tracking all repository entries and managing changes throughout the life of the project. Intelligent reporting and rules checking are instantly available for all diagram types to ensure project consistency.

It is expected that The University of Newcastle's IT graduates will be working in very technical environments, such as web development, business systems analysis and software project management. The core skills from the information technology degree gives all graduates skills in building software that uses complex databases and sophisticated web interfaces suitable for the corporate, office, or mobile phones. The University of Newcastle recognizes that IT graduates are in demand in today's global marketplace and that graduates are filling Australia's widening gap for business professionals with cutting-edge IT expertise. The Australian Federal Government statistics in 2008 reveal a weekly average of 23,200 IT job vacancies.

About Visible Systems: Headquartered in Framingham, MA, Visible offers end-to-end, model-based solutions for developing and managing large-scale software and database applications. In education, Visible's modeling tools have been an integral part of college and university programs at leading institutions around the world for more than twenty years. Visible Analyst has over 100,000 student users throughout the world. Visible first came to market in 1985 with its educational offerings. Since then its product Visible Analyst has become one of the most widely used modeling educational software in the market today.


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