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Visible ® rolls out new product release for Visible Analyst 2016.

BOSTON, MA - January 19, 2016 – Visible Systems Corporation today announces the release of Visible Analyst™ 2016, its flagship product used by thousands in industry and education for the purpose of modeling enterprise and business applications for tracking meta-data and addressing issues relative to data governance and business process improvement.

Visible Analyst™ 2016 Edition Highlights:

  • New Enterprise Cloud Edition: Cloud-based enterprise-wide project collaboration.
  • New Instructor’s Edition: Cloud-based instructor-led learning.
  • Enterprise and Professional Editions: Updated repository search feature.
  • University and Student Editions: Expanded tutorials and project lesson plans.
  • Community Editions: (Idea, Data, Process and Object) at lower ($19/mo.) subscription fees.

New Features for Visible Analyst™ 2016:

  • New Enterprise Cloud Edition which allows project team members to publish their projects to a secure, cloud-based server, share models with other project team members from anywhere and do so using an integrated, collaborative framework.
  • New Instructor Edition which allows teachers and students to interact via the Visible Cloud-based server. Course assignment and submissions all done in the Cloud and integrated with the leading Learning Management Systems.
  • Updated repository search functionality using wild cards similar to Google Instant results.
  • Adding data element references to a process description field from an attached dataflow.
  • Allowed values can now be specified for user-defined attributes.
  • Added support for Artifact Stereotype custom symbols.
  • Added support for planning statement types in framework cells.

“Essentially, Visible Analyst™ 2016 adds more features and lowers subscription fees. When compared to similar products like ERwin and ER Studio, we represent by far the best value in the market today.” said Michael Cesino, President and CEO. Now, with the introduction of two new Cloud-based editions; we are positioned to propagate model-based solutions to many more types of users; including enterprise architects, project managers, development team members and line of business managers.” added Cesino.

For more information, please contact Sales at or Michael Cesino directly at

About Visible Systems Corporation:

Visible Systems Corporation is a leading supplier of integrated modeling tools and solutions for enterprise applications, information management and business process re-engineering. For more than 25 years, Visible® has been dedicated to providing businesses with model-based solutions and services in conjunction with consulting, education, and support around the world. For more information on Visible®, please visit: .


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