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Boeing's McDonnell Aircraft and Missile Systems unit selects Razor as standard tool for CM.


Oneida, NY ( April 30, 1998 ) - McDonnell Aircraft and Missile Systems in St. Louis, a business unit of The Boeing company, has selected Tower Concepts' Razor tool as its standard for Client/Server Configuration Management. Approximately 650 information systems users at Boeing in St. Louis will utilize the tool.

The Needs at Boeing:

Razor will be deployed on a wide variety of efforts at Boeing, and on a wide variety of Systems including:

A shop floor work order system
An integrated manufacturing system
Support for the Tools Management Group
A financial management system

Razor allowed us to purchase the functionality we required without having to commit the extensive resources required by its competitors," said Kim Bonin, Project Leader for the evaluation team at Boeing.

Other tools evaluated against Razor not only had a higher initial cost, but also required extensive training, implementation and administrative efforts, far exceeding those required to deploy Razor. Razor's ability to be deployed on new and existing systems, and its support of homegrown systems and commercial packages allowed us to name a standard that could truly be used across-the-board.

Tower Concepts Senior Sales Representative, Brian Gridley, added We knew the competition for this would be fierce, but the format was perfect for us because the customer did an extensive evaluation, utilized our knowledgeable support staff, and was able to see what Tower Concepts offers - quality products and excellent service at a great price.


Boeing is known around the world as a leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes. What's less well known is that Boeing is also a leader in space technology, defense aircraft and systems, and communication systems. Boeing is a global aerospace company.

Tower Concepts

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