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Why Advantage?

Major benefits of Visible Advantage include:

  • Automates forward, reverse, and reengineering through SQL and ODBC.
  • Extensible repository supports custom object types.
  • User defined fields allow you to tailor the repository to your specific needs.
  • Links plans, models, designs, and systems.
  • Methodology and rule-based central repository ensures cross-model integrity.
  • Client/Server database repository enables real-time multi-user access.
  • Cross references current and new systems in an integrated environment.
  • Provide "universal" tool automated support for project environments such as:
    • Business Management, supporting strategic business planning, reorganisation planning, and business re-engineering.
    • Systems Development, supporting strategic information systems or business application systems - with either a Forward-Engineering or a Reverse-Engineering focus.
    • Executive Systems, supporting Data Warehousing and Executive Information Systems (EIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), On-Line Application Processing (OLAP) systems and Decision Early Warning (DEW) systems.
    • Specialized Systems, supporting real-time systems, knowledge-based systems and event-driven systems.
  • Produce open architecture systems designs in a single tool for implementation in any language, platform or architecture.
  • Improve the quality of systems development and ensure the project meets business requirements.
  • Create comprehensive, flexible business and systems designs to help manage the organisation and allow for rapid response to changing needs.
  • Integrate multiple, concurrent development projects.
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