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The product improvement process is one of the most complex activities that takes place within a manufacturing enterprise. This process, sometimes called the "engineering change process," presents your company with one of the most demanding PDM challenges. This challenge is met by LCSIS change control feature, the system's primary tool for performing configuration status accounting. Documenting and tracking changes, with respect to their effects on product baselines, fulfills an enterprise-wide need to control documentation, to track data, and to make informed decisions.

The LCSIS change control process allows you to address three major events that might lead to changes in its products. The first event involves improvements to correct problems, detected and reported by anyone, inside or outside of the organization. The second event is product enhancement, which may be as simple as replacing a part with a more reliable one or as complex as totally redesigning an entire product line to incorporate technological advances. Thirdly, a specific, customer-defined configuration may call for product tailoring, which may require altering an existing product or introducing a totally new one.

LCSIS change control features:

  • Change Disposition
  • Work-in-Process Changes
  • Documents Affected
  • Parts Affected
  • Change Order File Generation
  • Super-session
  • As-Built Affected
  • Electronic Baseline Update
  • Problem Reports, Change Requests, Deviations, Waivers, Change Proposals, Change Orders
  • Vault Access for View/Redline
  • Serial and Date Effectivity
  • Implementation Planning
  • Electronic Notification
  • Change Impact Assessment

The process paths are built in to the LCSIS product improvement function and are designed to organize, control, and streamline your product trouble reporting process, as well as manage the change control and revision processes.

Your product managers, functional managers, and technical specialists can track, submit, and review and approve trouble reports, change requests, deviation requests, or waivers; the system notifies them through their Workbaskets that these tasks have been initiated or completed. Approved change requests automatically update the affected product lines and the product's baselines.

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