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The Arizona Supreme Court creates the ultimate outsource and insource simultaneously!

The Supreme Court has “outsourced” its software development to Visible's automated code generator, which allows it to keep all its development in house and preserve the jobs of its programmers. The first “good government” initiative that I was aware of was the IBM web portal known as Service Arizona the online site for ordering car registrations and drivers' licenses that put an end to the long lines at the Motor Vehicle Division. Read more



Management Team

George G. Cagliuso
Chief Executive Officer

An MIT graduate, founder and company “visionary.”

Mike Cesino

“A process minded enterprise thinker.”

Michael Paul
Chief Technology Officer

“An implementer and integrator of complex technology.”

Clive Finkelstein
Chief Scientist

"A world renowned expert on information technology.”

John Nash
Vice President of Marketing

“A marketing and communications expert.”

Yvonne Fang
Director of Educational Sales

“Marketing and Selling of Educational Solutions.”


Board of Directors


George Gagliuso Chairman of the Board


Mr. Cagliuso was the founder and CEO of Optronics international, a publicly traded company and Visible Systems, a privately funded company. Mr. Cagliuso has invested in several high-tech start-ups. Mr. Cagliuso is a holistic thinker on complex technical problems. Major innovations credited to Mr. Cagliuso include being: the first to implement holograms on credit cards in 1969; the first to automate the newspaper production process in 1974; and the first to automate off-line software documentation 1981.


Peter Pochna Director

Mr. Pochna has been a director of Visible Systems for the past 20 years. He has been active in the venture capital community for the past 30 years.Mr. Pochna graduated from Yale University .


Bruce Emblad Director

Mr. Emblad was one of the founders of Prime Computer, Inforex, and an investor in many early- stage developing companies. He has been a director of Visible Systems for the past five years. He is currently the President of Venture Investment Advisors, a private venture capital firm based in Wellesley , Mass. Mr. Emblad is concurrently serving on the board of directors of two private and two non-profit institutions. Mr. Emblad is a graduate of West Point and Harvard Business School .

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