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The Visible Edge 20

The Visble Edge - December 2003




"The Edge" is now "The Visible Edge"!

"The Visible Edge" now contains helpful information on all of Visible Systems products, including:

  • Razor, a complete software configuration management tool
  • Analyst, a comprehensive modeling tool
  • Advantage, an enterprise architecture and development tool
  • Developer, a powerful software code generation tool supporting .NET

For additional information on Visible's product line, please visit our website at:

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Razor Sales Promo

License Promo :

Razor Holiday Promotional Special - FREE Customer Appreciation Gift !!!

For the month of December receive a FREE Razor Holiday Gift Set with any new license purchase of Razor. The gift set includes our Razor & Issueweaver manuals, Razor pen & pencil set, a Visible Systems note pad as well as a Razor CD to add to your software library. The gift set will be packaged and
shipped to thank you for your patronage by our hard working Razor elves.

*** This offer is not valid on previous purchases.***

Maintenance Promo :

Visible Systems is pleased to announce a special Welcome Back Program being offered to our existing Razor customers who allowed their maintenance contract to expire. This program will allow you to update your licenses, no matter
how old they are, for just a fraction of the cost. This offer is available until December 31, 2003.

To calculate the cost to update, simply take the normal cost ($135/license) for a 1 year subscription to our maintenance program and divide it in half. This will be the cost to update your license(s) to the latest Razor release.

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Razor Users Forum

The 2003 Razor Users Forum held in Orlando, Florida on November 17th and 18th was a great success! We had Razor users attend from around the country and from the UK too. Much of the discussion was focused on the upcoming "Web
Monitoring Tool" release. The Web Monitoring Tool will allow users to monitor and control UNIX or Windows-based databases and/or License Managers through a web browser.

To view the updated PowerPoint presentations used at the forum, please visit us at: -> /pub/Razor_Users_Forum

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Razor Training

We have already started accepting registrations for our 2004 classes. Don't get shut out...get registered!

In 2004 Visible Systems will be offering training classes on the following dates:

Feb. 16th

UNIX for Razor Administrators

Feb. 17th - Feb. 20th

Razor End User/Administrative

Feb. 23rd - Feb. 27th

Implementing a Process with Razor

June 21st

UNIX for Razor Administrators

June 22nd - June 25th

Razor End User/Administrative

June 28th - July 2nd

Implementing a Process with Razor

Oct. 18th

UNIX for Razor Administrators

Oct. 19th - Oct. 22nd

Razor End User/Administrative

Oct. 25th - Oct. 29th

Implementing a Process with Razor

E-mail for your registration form today!

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Tech Tip

Tips & Tricks

PC Text Editor...

A good editor to use when editing Razor configuration files on the PC is "TextPad". Textpad is a powerful and easy to use editor for plain text files. It can be used for anything from a direct replacement for Notepad to a programmer's editor. It will not add carriage returns unlike Notepad or Wordpad.

For more information on TextPad, please visit:

Removing Ctrl-M's...

If you have a file riddled with ctrl-M characters, the following command will remove the ^M's from the file if executed from a Csh or Ksh window. Can also be done in a terminal window when Interix is in your path.

flip -u <filename>

A Reminder On Naming Conventions...

  • For filenames, folder names, and Attribute names & values, we recommend using only the 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, and the underscore or dash.
  • Short and descriptive filenames are usually most effective and user friendly.
  • Using embedded spaces or any other special characters for names has been known to cause problems.

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Analyst New Release

Visible Systems Corporation, a world leader in Enterprise Engineering, with 20 years of experience, unveiled its latest generation of enterprise modeling solutions with its first Enterprise Framework Edition. Engineered to support
Zachman Framework technology, and ultimately other frameworks, this product represents leading edge technological value for the government, education,
and commercial markets. It provides CIOs, Enterprise Architects and System Architects with an anchor for IT Governance.

This capstone achievement currently supports all cells of the Zachman Framework and is compatible with the Department of Defense C4ISR efforts. For over 20 years, Visible has been a leader in modeling tools to "ENGINEERING THE ENTERPRISE FOR EXCELLENCE". This new tool provides a standard for the
development of Enterprise Architecture.

The Visible Analyst Framework Edition has evolved from the Visible Analyst family of products which represent a remarkable achievement in terms of breadth and robustness. Amongst modeling tools, Analyst excels in the areas of supporting wider ranges of methodologies, providing tight coupling of functional areas, including unsurpassed excellence in coordinating the
modeling efforts of large software teams, and bringing world-class modeling software to customers at an affordable price.

Please feel free to contact Jeff Smith, Marketing Department, 781-778-0200 x322 for more information or visit our website at:

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Analyst Sales Promo

Purchase the new Visible Analyst Enterprise Framework Edition by January 31st and receive up to a 50% discount on quantity purchases (3 or more licenses).

*** This offer is not valid on previous purchases.***

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Question: Use the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 once only, in this multiplication sum to make it correct.

? ?
x ?
? ? ?

Answer to the above puzzle can be found here.

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