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Visible Analyst

Strategic Planning, Data Modeling, UML Modeling, and Process Modeling In a Single Tool

Whether you are designing e-business applications, developing a data warehouse, or integrating your legacy systems with new enterprise applications, Visible Analyst has all the power you need.

Visible Analyst enables true enterprise application engineering by storing and documenting data, processes, business requirements, and objects that can be shared by application developers throughout an organization. The result: you can more easily design and control enterprise software for quality, consistency, and reusability in business applications through the managed sharing of meta-data.

New Features in Visible Analyst 7.6

Visible Analyst
Tailored to your organization's needs

Corporate Edition
for concurrent users doing projects with different modeling techniques.

DB Engineer Edition
for database design and round-trip engineering.

OO Edition
for object-oriented design.

Standard Edition
for traditional structured design.

Enterprise Framework Edition
attempts to fulfill the ideal of total model reuse through familiar objects and patterns by leveraging the VA Repository and a straightforward, framework-based interface

Top Ten Reasons to Select the Visible Analyst
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