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Users' Testimonials for Visible Analyst

"Visible Systems' tools and support performed exceptionally well to convert an old Cobol program into a JAVA program.

Around seventy copy books were converted and used to build ERD diagrams in Visible Analyst showing entity relationships and attribute content. I also used the Analyst structure diagrams as a tool to develop design models. The reworked ERD's in turn were used to build class diagrams for the JAVA based system design process. Your consultant's input on how to do this in the Analyst and his guidance were also a great help. I estimate using the conversions and Analyst saved me approximately 60% of the time I had planned on spending on the conversion/design process... a saving of around 15 weeks of my time.

The conversions were well done, thorough, with only minor errors caused by copybook structure. Turnaround was rapid. Overall I was very pleased with the result."

Martin French
Product Manager
ProfitMaster Canada

"The more I use Visible Analyst , the more impressed I am with its versatility. There's a whole lot more there than first meets the eye. It has saved me a lot of time in our development efforts. Plus, I've been very happy with your technical support. On more than one occasion, I've received unsolicited follow-up calls to see if their suggestions actually worked, and I've had the opportunity to suggest enhancements to the product. In general, your support people seem interested in any problem or question that an end-user might have, and they've gone way past what is standard in the industry in terms of being responsive and helpful. You have a great product."

Richard L. Brown
Data West Corporation

"We needed a tool that was easy-to-learn and could help us build high-quality applications two to three times faster than traditional development methods. Visible Analyst proved to be quite useful in enabling us to achieve our goal of delivering well-structured programs on time, and we're using it on other projects going forward."

Jim Miller, President
Miller Aviation

"In addition to collecting data and diagramming entity relationships, we're using Visible Analyst to generate SQL scripts to populate our database which saves us an incredible amount of time - anywhere from one day to two weeks. Visible Analyst is intuitive and easy-to-learn and use, from an entry level programmer to the experienced. It is easy to install and migrate through the programs, and allows users to customize the program and extend its functionality by defining their owner-defined entities."

Don Axon, Database Administrator
Rollins Leasing Corporation

"Our team was able to take on very complex projects with a fraction of the training that other software development tools require, thereby saving us time throughout the development process. We have recently standardized on Visible Analyst and now recommend it to all of our clients."

Suzanne Krupa, CIO
Barents Group, LLC, a KPMG Company

"I value Visible Analyst for its repository functions. It lets us keep track of pertinent information about entities, data elements and the relationships that exist among them. Plus the user defined attributes allow us to customize the repository to suit our specific needs. The tool allows for an uninterrupted process: as we keep adding elements to the various entities we model, we continue to define them and put them into Visible Analyst . We were able to use the repository to publish our first information catalog."

Lisa Orosz, Data Analyst
Capital Blue Cross

"We looked at other tools, But Visible Analyst offered the most for the money. It provides us with important functions such as a central repository and entity relationship diagramming."

Vernon Chin, Database Administrator
Tokio Marine Management

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