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Company History

20 Years - Pioneering Software Engineering

Visible Systems is a boutique IT company, specializing in mainstreaming framework-based software engineering throughout the enterprise. It was the inspiration of two MIT graduates, one of whom had experience with start-up companies. An early client of the company, State Street Bank, thought these young graduates were "marketing visionaries" for seeing the advantages of documenting information systems in this new way.

One of the founders, George Cagliuso, started what has become a two-decade crusade that has evolved and changed many times since the beginning. Mr. Cagliuso recognized early on that, much like electronic engineering, software engineering was an area that needed improvement. He thought that in the same way reusable hardware components (called integrated circuits) brought productivity and reliability to processes in the semiconductor industry, software engineering could benefit by re-using objects. This is where the journey began, putting the pieces together to improve the overall software engineering process.

Visible Systems history predates that of the PC, Windows and even DOS. Visible Systems was the first in the modern software engineering world to recognize the need in the marketplace for a software documentation system that would allow its clients to document their information systems electronically, which was based on the old adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words."

The first product created by Visible was appropriately called a graphic word processor. In order for this early product to work, a proprietary workstation and software program were created from scratch. The value of software documentation tools to large organizations was confirmed, early on, by a study in 1980 sponsored the Hartford Insurance Group, which was searching for a way to document systems off-line.

When the first PCs entered the marketplace during the mid 1980s, Visible began a new development effort focusing on software for the PC. By the end of 1985 the company released its first DOS-based product called Visible Analyst. Today, Visible Systems produces an information technology (IT) toolbox, whereby over $50 million have been invested to provide the industry with the best leading-edge technology at very affordable prices. We continue to be the price/performance leader in the marketplace.

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