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Applied Structured Systems Design

Designing and Building Components of the Software Architecture

Segment Outline:

  • Use Transaction Analysis to identify Transaction Types of a system and use them as units of design for a new system
  • Use Transform Analysis as a strategy for converting the process models into Structure Charts
  • Create a Structure Chart (STC) Diagram and Data Dictionary
    • Used to partition the system into program modules
    • Define the hierarchy and organization of those modules
    • Communicates the interfaces between modules
  • The Structure Chart portrays how each task is broken down into component program modules required to implement the proposed system
  • The Data Dictionary contains the module definitions (module specifications) of all of the modules contained in the Structure Charts
  • Explanations of the tools and techniques, as well as exercises used to create and demonstrate the uses of Structure Charts

Video Duration Time: 1 Hour 14 Minutes and 10 Seconds

Click on the link below to view a short demonstration of the "Designing and Building Components of the Software Architecture" video.

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Demonstration Video

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