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Applied Structured Systems Design

Measuring the Design Quality of the System and Software Architecture

Segment Outline:

  • Measures of Design Coupling of Structure Charts
    • The degree of dependence of one module on another
    • Measure of the chance that a defect in one module will appear as a defect in another
    • Measure of the chance that a change to one module will necessitate a change in another module
  • Cohesion
    • Functional Cohesion
    • Sequential Cohesion
    • Communicational Cohesion
    • Procedural Cohesion
    • Temporal Cohesion
    • Logical Cohesion
    • Coincidental Cohesion
  • Factoring
  • Decision Splitting
  • System Shape relative to Module Types
    • Afferent Module: Sends information from modules it calls to its caller
    • Transform Module: Transforms data it receives from its caller and sends back to its caller
    • Efferent Module: Sends information from its caller to modules it calls
    • Coordinate Module: Coordinates the communication of modules it calls
  • System Balance
  • Fan In, Fan Out
  • Coincidental Cohesion
  • Reporting Errors
  • Editing Data Rules
  • Data Related Design Considerations
  • Additional Design Considerations
  • Practical Guidelines

Click on the link below to view a short demonstration of the "Measuring the Design Quality of the System and Software Architecture" video.

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Demonstration Video

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